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Yoga Class Schedule

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BOOK NOW ONLINE or contact me as Monday and Tuesday evening classes do get full!

Mondays, Mindful Breath & Movement 10:00-11:10 AM

A semi-private restorative class that pulls from somatic movement, yoga, pranayama, and meditation. Perfect for anyone needing some self-nurturing. It’s slow, gentle, and nourishing.

(privates and restorative healing sessions available from 2 – 6PM)

Tuesdays, Feel Good Yoga (Fusion of Movement Styles) 6:30 – 7:30 PM

If it doesn’t make you feel good, it isn’t worth doing! The focus of this class is on developing a deeper awareness of our ground, core, bones, and muscular habits. We’ll also take time to lengthen and relax and restore.

(privates and restorative healing sessions available from 10 – 3 PM)

Wednesdays, Chair Yoga & Meditation 10 – 11 AM

Privates & Restorative Healing Sessions 1 – 4PM

Thursdays, Privates & Restorative Healing Sessions 10 – 1PM

Saturdays, Online Chair Yoga 10 EST/4 CETSign up on OmPractice.com.

Chair yoga is a perfect entry into yoga because chairs make movement so accessible to different bodies. The support of the chair aids in grounding and balance and allows for easy, gentle movements that lead to greater strength, flexibility, and mobility over time. Many people think chair yoga is a mild, easy workout. While it certainly can be, you may be surprised just how challenging it can be too! This 50-minute class provides body awareness, mindful breathing, and upper and lower body movement as well as relaxation.

One Friday Monthly Vibe Medicine: Chants & Mantras at 2PM Learn Hindu, Tibetan, and Sikh mantras to raise your vibratory frequency and bring healing to body, mind and spirit. No experience necessary. By donation.

10 € for yoga classes in Brossac (16480). Everything is provided. All classes are semi-private with a maximum of 5 participants.

Kundalini Pop-Ups
Considered the yoga of awareness, Kundalini Yoga brings balance to all systems: body, mind and spirit. It’s a technology of breath, kriya (movement), mantra, and mudra to strengthen our nervous system and deal with the times we are in. Beginners welcome. I’m happy to share my Kundalini Yoga practice with anyone who would like to know more. Simply contact me to schedule a session at the studio.

Restorative Energy Healing Sessions

Private Yoga Instruction

Directions to the Studio

New Student?

Please reserve a spot (to ensure space) and arrive 15 minutes before class start time for intake and initial payment of 10 euros. Please download the intake form to save time. Mats, blocks (straps and blankets soon!) will be provided. Bring anything else you might need.

Cancellation Policy:

My time is my livelihood, and it is limited. If you need to reschedule an appointment or cancel participation in a workshop or class, please try to do so with at least 48 hours notice. You may reschedule at no charge, but any refunds made will be less payment processing fees when applicable. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice and no-shows are invoiced my usual rates. Abuses of this policy may result in the necessity of nonrefundable prepayment for future services.