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Gites & Retreats Yoga House Calls

Are you a gite or retreat owner/facilitator? Do you have guests who would be grateful to try out or keep up with a regular yoga practice while on vacation or retreat?

Guests are always welcome to my classes. Too far? Why not help them schedule a Yoga House Call with yours truly? They don’t have to come to me; I go to you and everything is provided.

Thanks for keeping me in mind when your guests ask if you know a yoga instructor or of any classes nearby. If they book with me, I’ll  share a small commission with you in thanks.***

PS: Gite and retreat owners are invited to take a free class with me anytime. Simply reserve your spot and bring your business card to class.

For more information, please contact me  or phone +33 (0)78 361 1432

***Please note that commissions apply to regular rates. 35 euros for private sessions or group classes based on 10 per head (materials provided by venue) or 12 per head (materials provided by me). Negotiated rates are not applicable to commission.