My style of yoga has changed over the years. As I’ve aged, I’ve become more curious, less concerned with appearances, and kinder and gentler to my body. I don’t teach fitness yoga, performance or “instagram” yoga, or repetitive yoga. Rather, my approach is based on one thing: the body has its own intelligence. I’m more interested in helping my clients discover that intelligence for themselves and then guiding them to honor it. It makes the kind of yoga I teach suitable for a wider range of body types and ages.


I am influenced by many movement forms: multi styles of yoga including hatha and kundalini, dance, mantra and sound, chi gong, somatics and pandiculation, developmental movement, energy healing, functional movement, meditation, proprio and interoceptive training…anything that wakens that innate intelligence as well as by numerous wisdom traditions including yoga, Buddhism, and Toltec Wisdom. So if you’re wanting to discover a more loving relationship with your body and mind, please join me in studio or online worldwide. Together we will focus on facilitating the discovery of personalized movement and mind practices to develop your inner authority and body-honoring intuition. Classes are playful, accessible to various levels and needs, and focus on all the good stuff yoga has to offer!

Current Offerings:





Tranquil Yoga Stretch – a 30 minute midweek reset with breathwork, meditation and yummy easy movements for all
  at 12:30 EST (via OMpractice on Zoom Worldwide) — Register on OMpractice



Restorative Energy Healing Sessions

Affordable Private Yoga Instruction



Directions to the Studio

Classes on ZOOM

Here’s a short, helpful orientation to how to join a Zoom call. I use Zoom for private sessions and for live online classes. You will receive code information for each class/session for which you resigeter via email. You can get a free Zoom account here.

New Student?

Please reserve a spot (to ensure space) and arrive 15 minutes before class start time for intake and initial payment. Please download the intake form to save time or submit online below. If you prefer, you may submit through Google Forms here. Props are available for a cleaning fee if you don’t have your own.

Cancellation Policy:

My time is my livelihood, and it is limited. If you need to reschedule an appointment or cancel participation in a workshop or class, please try to do so with at least 48 hours notice. You may reschedule at no charge, but any refunds made will be less payment processing fees when applicable. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice and no-shows are invoiced my usual rates. Abuses of this policy may result in the necessity of nonrefundable prepayment for future services.