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Vocal Toning Meditation Level One: Foundations CD

Vocal Toning Meditation: Level I FoundationsWould you like to learn more? You can order Vocal Toning Meditation Foundations: Level I from CD Baby as a download here. Buy a la carte or the complete program which was originally part of a 4-CD set. It is jam-packed and designed to give the listener a foundational understanding of vibrational science, basic vocal warm-ups, and the art of toning and sounding vocally.

Content Includes:
Intro to Sound Healing; Physical Warmups; Breath Work, Vocal Warmups; Vowels & Syllables; Vocal Variables Part I; Toning Methods: Fundamentals of VTM, Sanskrit Seed Syllables, Tibetan Syllables, Daoist Tones, Call & Response; Feeling & Listening; Voice Care.

$29.00 from CD Baby