Vocal Toning Exercises – Free MP3’s


Vocal Toning is a form of singing that anybody can do…even if you’ve always believed that you’re tone deaf. It has all the proven benefits of singing including improved mood, the oxygenation of the blood, and strengthening of the voice. Broken links? Please take a moment to let me know. Thanks!

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Vocal Toning Meditation: Level I FoundationsWould you like to learn more? You can order Vocal Toning Meditation Foundations: Level I from CD Baby as a download here. Buy a la carte or the complete program which was originally part of a 4-CD set. It is jam-packed and designed to give the listener a foundational understanding of vibrational science, basic vocal warm-ups, and the art of toning and sounding vocally.

Content Includes:
Intro to Sound Healing; Physical Warmups; Breath Work, Vocal Warmups; Vowels & Syllables; Vocal Variables Part I; Toning Methods: Fundamentals of VTM, Sanskrit Seed Syllables, Tibetan Syllables, Daoist Tones, Call & Response; Feeling & Listening; Voice Care.

$29.00 from CD Baby