Sovereign VIP

Sovereign VIP’s have many benefits!

Welcome to a family of people who value mind/body/spirit science wanting to connect and support each other in accessing their intuitive wisdom in all areas of life! Members receive a long list of benefits to both save you money and give you access to member-only content including videos, full recorded courses, and live events to help you claim your crown…all for less than a month’s worth of regularly priced in-studio classes. Membership is for anyone wanting:

  • Online yoga resources all in one convenient place.
  • Support for making well-being not just a weekly practice but a way of life.
  • A more embodied, intelligent approach to their yoga practice.
  • A wide range of offerings for embracing sovereignty.
  • Yoga that is more accessible to a wider range of body types and ages.
  • Incredible value for their investment and loyalty.


Do I have to be a member to take your yoga classes?

No! I welcome drop-ins to any public class if there is space. Take any public class and pay the non-member drop-in rate. Same for any public offering workshop or special event. Just pay the non-member rate to participate.

Benefits of Membership

  •          1/2 priced online or in the studio classes for you and a guest*
  •          Exclusive “member-only” video content and pre-release access content
  •          Meditation practices
  •          Practices of breath or vocal work
  •          Video or audio recordings to be used at any time
  •          Sensemakers – 9 part transformational inquiry to answer the BIG questions of life
  •          Discounts on special events and workshops
  •          Reduced price 1:1 sessions
  •          Make special content requests based on your needs or ask questions anytime
  •          Free Chair Yoga for Self-Healing Course (full version valued at $79!)
  •          Access to the online contemplative journey Sound Like Life on the power of speech, sound and voice
             (a 49.99
    € value!)
  •          Free course in Sigil Making
  •          Clearning Negative Vibes Free Webinar
  •          Spinning Your Wheels: Chakra Exploration Course
  •          Vocal Toning Exercises and Vocal Toning Meditation 4 CD Set Download (a $29.99 value!)
  •          More content is being added all the time!

*space permitting


Just choose your level of membership to get started:

FREE Trial (to non-course video content only)
FREE Gene Keys Mentoring
Sovereign VIP (full access)
VIP +1

Common Questions

I already pay you for private sessions. Why would I want to become a VIP?

Non-members who purchase a 60-minutes private session actually receive a month-long VIP subscription for FREE. Stay a VIP, and all future private sessions are discounted too. Plus you receive all the other benefits! It’s more for your money.

What kind of yoga do you teach?

Great question. And it might be easier to tell you what kind of yoga I don’t teach! I don’t teach fitness yoga,  performance or “instagram” yoga, or boring and repetitive yoga. Rather, my approach is based on one thing: the body has its own intelligence. I’m more interested in helping my clients discover that intelligence for themselves and then guiding them to honor it. It makes the type of yoga I teach accessible to a greater range of body types and ages. I am influenced by many movement forms: multi styles of yoga, dance, chi gong, somatics, developmental movement, functional movement…anything that wakens that innate intelligence. Furthermore, I don’t believe yoga to be just an exercise program, but rather, a way of life that can help guide us away from suffering into peace.

How do I participate in Zoom classes?

You will need to set up a free Zoom account in order to join classes on Zoom. Please visit the Zoom website and follow the instructions. Be sure to arrive several minutes early to your first class so that you can orient yourself, set up your space and camera, and be sure your audio and video settings are correct. Oh, and the link for classes requiring registration arrives via email, so be sure to check your spam box and whitelist emails from

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online conferencing platform that provides the virtual classroom for VIP online classes and private sessions. It’s easy to use and recent improvements have been made to ensure privacy. You can create an account for free here. The following brief video will orient you to joining a class:

I’ve paid but I can’t access the site yet. What gives?

Apologies. This could be for one of two reasons. One, if you opted to pay manually, that payment must be processed manually and each membership approved by hand. It could take up to 48 hours for your for your membership to start. Fret not. Your membership starts the day your membership is approved and not the day you paid. Another reason this may be the case is that I have not received your intake and waiver form. Memberships will not be approved until your waiver is received. Always feel free to follow up with me if you have any concerns.

I’m confused about your class times. What time zone are you in?

All classes on the events page are listed in Central European Time. If you need to convert the times to your time zone, you can use this time converter.

Why is the Ompractice class the same price for VIP members as for the public?

Ompractice is its own US entity, and I offer one weekly class through them. Therefore I do not have control over their pricing. I can, however, offer you a free “trial” class. Just email me for the code.