Meditation is wildly popular and its benefits repeatedly proven by science. There are groups of meditators […]
As author Paolo Coelho writes, “If you’re afraid — don’t do it; if you decide to […]
I recently came across a fascinating article about how different types of meditation affect the brain […]
“If you can become a mirror you have become a meditator. Meditation is nothing but skill […]
This is an introductory mirror meditation suitable for all levels. It draws upon the practice of […]
Yogi Bhajan, responsible for bringing Kundalini Yoga to the West, taught a very powerful meditation using […]
Are you all feeling the amping of energies lately just as I am? Astrologically, we are […]
I am in a personal exploration of Divine Guidance and distinguishing between the voice of fear […]
I am starting a new venture today. I discovered a phenomenal piece of writing on the […]
As you’ve probably heard, this New Year’s Day is punctuated with helpful astrological forces including a […]
The majority of us spend a lot of time in our minds. Even having spent years […]
I was inspired after watching the movie Avatar for the second time recently to try something […]
One of the most important things we can ever do is remember that we are always […]
Yesterday, I facilitated Toning for Peace at the beautiful geodesic dome of the Light Center in […]
Ready to settle down for the night and want a toning exercise that will quiet the […]
The Tibetans  are masters at healing with sound. Tibetan bells, ting-shas, the shang, gongs, and other […]
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