Are We Meditating Yet?

Meditation is wildly popular and its benefits repeatedly proven by science. There are groups of meditators all over the globe — in ahsrams, in offices, in neighborhoods, churches, schools, and health centers. Maybe you’ve even taken up a practice yourself. Would you be shocked if I told you that you may or may not actually be meditating?

“Then what they heck do you think I’m doing when I make that commitment to sit on a cushion or chair, close my eyes, and cease all activity?” you may be thinking. Well, it depends!

Usually, we are simply preparing for or practicing to meditate. We are concentrating our mind. We are strengthening our awareness of our awareness. We are watching our sensations, thoughts, and feelings. But all of these things are “a doing”. True meditation is not a doing. It is beyond doing.

Beyond the doing is where we discover actual meditation. It’s when the body stills, the mind quiets, and the watcher of it all dissolves into something bigger, like a drop of salt water in an ocean. It is completely effortlessness. We are not sitting and meditating. We no longer identify as a mere person. We see with the eyes of the Divine.

And the eyes of Spirit are not so enticed by visions and memories, fantasies and imaginings. The eyes of Spirit remain outside of time. Concepts are recognized as empty, meaningless…even the idea of meditating.


Meditation: Beyond the Trend

medI recently came across a fascinating article about how different types of meditation affect the brain differently written by

The article distinguishes two main types of meditation: directive and nondirective. For the sake of clarity here, directive meditation requires a focusing of the mind on something whether it be one’s breath, an object, or a thought. Nondirective meditation, on the other hand, allows the mind to rest or wander freely. In other words, there is very little effort mental exerted.

The research discovered that those in the study practicing nondirective meditation actually had more neural activity than the directive group.

Nondirective meditation led to higher activity than during rest in the part of the brain dedicated to processing self-related thoughts and feelings. When test subjects performed concentrative meditation, the activity in this part of the brain was almost the same as when they were just resting.

These results suggest that nondirective meditation is more helpful when it comes to processing our thoughts and feelings. If the whole point of one’s meditating is to “know thyself”, then it is clear which form of meditation would be more beneficial.

Last night, my meditation group worked with a Gyatri Mantra meditation, listening to a drone and powerful chanting created by one of my favorite online resources for chants, Dr. Nipun Aggarwal. Afterwords, one of my fellow meditators wanted to know whether what we had just done was the first type, directive, or second type, nondirective type of meditation.

I realized that it wasn’t so much the technique as it was the meditator that would determine which “type” of meditation was experienced. This woman expressed that she was mentally focused on counting the lines of the mantra and so felt as though it was a directive meditation. I, though, had had a nondirective experience allowing the sounds of the mantra to simply wash over me. Thoughts came and went. I do remember at one point turning my attention toward the practice of circulating energies of the Microcosmic Orbit, so there was for several minutes, a more directive experience for me as well.

This all has me asking more questions. Is is possible that these two forms of meditation, or what are classed and treated as two distinct forms of meditation, are really only one form of meditation experienced at different levels of ability? Is the goal, in other words, always nondirective meditation? Assuming the person meditating is doing it to “wake up” to the self, then wouldn’t nondirective meditation be a higher form of meditation than anything directive? In fact, what are the benefits of a more directive form of meditation if such a form doesn’t help us process our thoughts and feelings? It is merely reduced then to a form of relaxation or exercise for the mind?

I recently shared a post on Facebook how meditation is a growing trend. I commented that I was happy to see more and more people learning to meditate but not at all happy it was “trendy”. One of my friends asked me why: More people are exposed to it with greater benefit; what’s bad about that?

At the time, I didn’t much feel like trying to explain how when things go trendy, especially spiritual things, they also get watered-down and greatly misunderstood. It happened with yoga, and now, while there are of course those who do understand, many turn to yoga as a mere physical challenge, completely and ironically ignoring the body in the process. It is likely to happen with meditation as well. If people do not understand the differences between directive and nondirective meditation, there is a grave danger in masses of people thinking they are meditating when all they are actually doing is concentrating and bending the mind to will. Worse yet, there will be those who take The Mystery out of meditation completely sterilizing it in the process. I’m not saying just because it is trendy that people won’t benefit from meditation. That didn’t even cross my mind (until someone I know explained that’s how they read this). I just want everyone to have a chance to experience the best that any meditation has to offer.

Setting aside the “trend” debate, everything has its place. We all have to start somewhere, and often, directive forms of meditation are the easiest. It’s where I started. I suspect it’s where most of us start. I’m not claiming to know that nondirective meditation is somehow superior to directive forms, either. I’m merely asking the questions and sensing what has been true for me. I love many different forms of meditation, including directive. But I must say, for me, the most transformative of experiences have been resting in the wide (and wise)  open space of the self, being still but observant, free from efforting, concentrating, and controlling anything. It took a nondirective practice for me to experience that.


Osho Quote

“If you can become a mirror you have become a meditator. Meditation is nothing but skill in mirroring. And now, no word moves inside you so there is no distraction.”



Har! Sound of the Universe

pinwheelYogi Bhajan, responsible for bringing Kundalini Yoga to the West, taught a very powerful meditation using the syllable of “HAR”. I’d like to share it with you.

  • First put your hands together in front of you, back to back like a reverse “Namaste” or prayer pose. But then let them relax and curl in toward your heart as if pointing to yourself with both hands, thumbs extended upward. They should be at the level of your sternum.
  • You may close your eyes or keep them gently focused on the tip of your nose.
  • Now begin to repeat the sound HAR over and over (it should almost sound like “HUD” as you roll the final R) and feel the sound through the fingertips as the chest moves with the sound.

Resound this sound in the heart cage and reap the benefits as Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun and Mercury, represented by each of your fingers, come into balance while your thumb–ego–remains out of the picture!

After chanting aloud, you may then chant in a whisper transitioning into toning inwardly, in silence, before returning once more to toning aloud. Try this for three minutes working your up to eleven minutes or more and see how you feel.

  • Toward the end, stretch your arms over head and spread your fingers wide while continuing to resound the sound of HAR. Stretch your arms and spine to equalize and distribute the energy for about 30 seconds.
  • Bring your arms down, and form a double-handed fist at your heart. Inhale, hold the breath, and press your hands into your heart. Hold. Release.
  • Now bring your fist to your navel. Breath in. Press as hard as you can. Hold. Release.
  • Finally, bring your arms close to your body, your fists at armpit level. Breath in. Squeeze your arms into your sides and your fists tightly as you hold. And release.

Yogi Bhajan taught that resounding the sound of HAR in the chest cage in this way is one of 6 sounds that can give one the power of the Universe. It will kill the unwanted self. Enjoy!

On Overdrive? Try This.

pinwheelAre you all feeling the amping of energies lately just as I am? Astrologically, we are in very interesting times. Time itself seems to be speeding up, information (and misinformation) is a constant onslaught, and change is not only imminent but mandatory. We’re all being asked to up our game. If we don’t take time out to empty and find our way back to neutral, we’re going to have a harder and harder time keeping up.

Toning is such a great way to clear your mind, body, and spirit of all the brouhaha. Even if you practice the following technique just minutes a day, you’ll feel the impact.

This particular exercise is adapted from one I learned from my mentor, Dr. Gene Nathan. It consists of three sounds and three centers:

SOUND                               CENTER
Ah                                            heart
Om                                          dan tien (or lower belly)
Shh                                          forehead

Begin by placing your hands on your heart. Tone the sound ‘Ah’ aloud on any comfortable pitch. Do this three times. Then move your hands to your dan tien. Here you will tone the sound ‘Om” with an emphasis on the ‘mmm’. Do this at a lower pitch than the ‘ah’. Finally, place your hands on your forehead. Here, you sound a ‘Shh’. Repeat this cycle, three times at each center, for at least three cycles.

After each tone, notice how your energy is shifting. Take your time. Notice especially the connection that occurs between each center, each helping to reinforce and strengthen the others. And notice how the ‘shh’ quiets the rattled mind. Enjoy!

Day 4: The Voice of Love in a World of Fear

I am in a personal exploration of Divine Guidance and distinguishing between the voice of fear and the voice of love. My inspiration came from the article, How to Distinguish Between Divine Guidance and Fear/Ego/Imagination, on Sir Froggie’s PositiveNews Network. In it, the author shares 36 descriptors to help us realize the differences between the voices of love and fear. I am taking one pairing each day, meditating and working with it, and then sharing my discoveries here.

Today’s pairing is:

Divine Guidance helps you manifest your heart’s truest
desires and abundance in every realm.
Ego blocks you or tells you that you’ll never get what you want.
It works from a reference point of lack.

My thoughts around this pairing went immediately to two questions: what are my heart’s truest desires and what does my ego have to say about them?

But to start, I want to take a moment to consider the word “abundance” and what it means to me. Typically, people think of abundance in terms of money or material goods. I certainly did for most of my life. That…and food! And if you’re lucky enough to have monetary abundance, maybe that is all that matters; I don’t know. But coming from a different background, what I’ve come to know abundance as is in terms of grace, opportunity, creativity, and possibility.

We often hear, “We live in an abundant universe,” which is evident everywhere you look. Some would argue though that we also live in a world where distribution of that abundance has gotten extremely off balance!

Regardless, I am all too familiar with what the ego has to say. “You don’t have enough money to do that (and you never will)”, “You will never get what you want!”, “You might as well forget it!”, and “That’s not gonna happen in a million years.” It’s all very interesting, especially when I consider that the desire might arise out of ego in the first place. Perhaps it generates a desire for something that wouldn’t serve me anyway and then tells me I can’t have it, reinforcing its position. Maybe.

The voice of my divine guidance says, “Relax. Take it easy. If it comes, it comes. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Move toward without expectation. Move toward with a light attachment.”

But on to my first questions. What is it that my heart desires? To answer this question, there are many directions I can look. What it desires in terms of health, wealth, creativity, relationship, travel, etc? And are these things the desires of my heart or the desires of my soul or the desires of my ego? The ego masquerades as divine guidance a lot, I’m finding. It likes to pretend we have (or should have) control over everything.

But does the voice of my divine guidance say I can have anything I want? Absolutely not. And maybe this is where a lot of people make a mistake and end up beating themselves up when they find that “thing” hasn’t manifested.

I think our truest desires are very light and ethereal. They naturally guide us toward what we want, effortlessly and without control. They aren’t something we have to think about. If we simply live our lives in trust, divine guidance can’t help but lead the way.

36 Days with the Voice of Love in a World of Fear

I am starting a new venture today. I discovered a phenomenal piece of writing on the internet yesterday, and it’s got me so fired up that I’ve decided to work with it for the next 36 days and share my discoveries. It deals directly with our “voices” and helps us to understand the difference between the voice of love and the voice of fear.

Despite having made voices of all kinds my work for the past 13+ years, I’ll admit that when my life started to change recently in unexpected ways…unbelievably positive ways…I lost touch with myself and what I know to be true. With the influx of love and dreams coming true came the surfacing of a great deal of work left undone…self doubts, delusions, bad habits. It all became so painful to me that I began to worry for my health and sanity.

The little article I found yesterday, so unassuming and straightforward, helped pull me out of the dark and refreshed my tainted perspective. You can find the original article, How to Distinguish Between Divine Guidance and Fear/Ego/Imagination, here on a sweet little website called Sir Froggie’s PositiveNews Network (yes, that’s really the name). In it, the author shares 36 descriptors to help us realize the differences between the voices of love and fear. (I did make three attempts by three separate means to contact the site owners to request permission to use the article. I’m not sure the website is still being maintained. Unfortunately, no author was credited either. I hope I’ve done my due diligence as my intent is not to step on or abuse anyone’s rights.)

The first pairing is:

Divine Guidance will always come from a place of Love.
Ego/Fear/Imagination breeds fear and confusion.

I decided to sit in meditation with this. I wrote down a question that had been concerning me and for which I wanted guidance. I held the question in my mind and asked to see how fear would respond. What came up for me was everything I’d been hearing inside my head the past few months of my chaotic life (I’m in a huge transition) that was aligned with fear. I was surprised to realize that this comprised about 90% of my recent thoughts. I’ve been steeped in fear and totally blind! Ego* had totally taken a hold, and it was indeed breeding fear and confusion. I was in a death spiral of self-sabotage. A change of focus was in order to correct my altitude.

I then held the same question and asked to see how love would respond. The impact wasn’t instantaneous. At first, what I heard and could see quite clearly was just how insidious the ego can be. It was disguising itself as the voice of love. But underneath the syrupy phrases, there was this energy of a lie. Along with the comforting words came a twist in my gut. I felt graced and astounded to be able to see it so clearly.

Eventually, what broke through was a quiet, authentic voice of love. I was feeling reassured and lovingly redirected, not by anything necessarily tangible, but by a feeling alone. I stayed with it and decided to trust it, even though it wasn’t exactly answering my question. Rather, it felt like a sweep of energy, a clearing out perhaps.

What happened later in the day was a confirmation that I was once again flying straight. A friend brought me my answer, unbidden. She just came out and said that she had an intuitive feeling about my situation and shared it with me. My jaw dropped, and I actually fell over in relief!

By the end of the day, I was feeling so amazing. Pockets of negative energy that had been suffocating me for weeks…maybe even months…started to burst. I was finding my center again. I was reorienting myself with Divine guidance.

I plan to continue sharing one “distinguisher pairing” from the original article each day along with my experiences in working with it over the next 35 days.

*I use the word “ego” here with hesitation, as I do not wish to villify it. Still, it is helpful to have a term of reference. The ego serves a Divine purpose just like everything else in this world. In my case, its purpose was to help me see all the ways I hold myself back from Love. In truth, it is my teacher and ally. Had it not expressed itself so forcefully, I would not have seen any of this and would be in no better position to serve my clients facing similar challenges. I believe our goal should not be to kill the ego, but to dance with it more gracefully and redeem it to the extent possible.



Happy New Beginnings

pinwheelAs you’ve probably heard, this New Year’s Day is punctuated with helpful astrological forces including a New Moon to catapult us beyond the habits of the past and into the terrain of fresh, clean starts.

Give yourself some time and space today to meditate on the following:

Your Keyword for 2014: This is a word (or words) that will be your guiding light throughout the year. The energy of this channel will color everything you experience, so choose wisely. Life will provide what you need to clear the channel, make it stronger, and express it in your daily life. Last year my keyword was “Alignment” and this year it is the phrase “Be in Love.”

6-12 Statements of Intent: These aren’t resolutions or problems to be fixed. These are things aligned with your heart’s desire to be made manifest in 2014. You may want to start them with “This is the year…” and keep the statements somewhat general. It is such a thrill at the end of a year to review these statement and see how Life responded. Indeed, from my list of 12 statements last year, 10 of them were fully realized and the remaining 2 are still works in progress. Amazing! For example, for 2013, I wrote:

This is the year I discover the reflection of love. Someone, or someones, love me for who I am and just as I am.

In April, I met my now husband. My statement was not about finding a partner. It was very open to any reflection of love. And meeting my husband was not the only way this statement manifested either; it came through in other ways as well. So don’t write yourself into a box.

Once you have your keyword and several statements of intent, write them in a journal or on the computer…somewhere safe where you can refer back to them at six months and again at the end of the year. You can always add or change things at any time.

With your words committed to paper, close your eyes and go into your heart. Allow the sound of “AH” to resonate internally…building slowly in intensity until it arises forth from your voice. Allow the sound of “AH” to saturate your words, enfolding each one in perfect love and wisdom.

Breathe and bless yourself.

Happy New Beginnings!

Quieting the Mind

pinwheelThe majority of us spend a lot of time in our minds. Even having spent years silencing the mind through meditation, the function of the mind never really goes away. It may get quieter, and we may have better control over our thoughts, but it is a very rare individual who can live the majority of their lives in that quiet state.

Working with the mental body can train it so that it takes up less and less of our energy and instead becomes a source of it. The Toltec liken it to the mind becoming our ally instead of our enemy. Meditation in general is the best practice for training the mind. Vocal Toning Meditation, through the use of sound, makes it easier for many people to quiet the mind.

Try this.

First, sit in meditative silence for five minutes.  You can be in any posture that is comfortable for you. Pay attention to how you feel, what thoughts are drifting through, whether or not you find them easy to release or not, etc. Focus on stilling the mind.

Then shift. Sit for an additional five minutes, but as you do so, tone the sound UNG. It is a nasal tone that resonates in the head. As you do this, pay attention to the energy of the sound, the space of silence between as you inhale, and how your mind and body are responding.

Now stop. Breathe. Notice any thoughts. What has shifted? How did sitting in silence compare to sitting with the tone of UNG?

Avatar “OM” Circle

  • pinwheelI was inspired after watching the movie Avatar for the second time recently to try something new in my toning group today. It was an experiment that went quite well, so I thought I’d share it with you.

In the movie, there is a scene when the tribal people are offering a healing to the dying scientist. In the scene, they are sitting cross legged in circles around this magical tree, each person with his or her arms around the shoulders of the neighbor to the right and left. They are swaying back and forth in unison while singing a sacred healing chant.

I adapted this moving idea for Toning for Peace. At the Light Center in Black Mountain, the geodesic dome has a vortex right in its center. So we made a circle around that sitting cross legged on the floor. We discussed out intent…what it was we wanted to create or evoke with our sounding. We sat close enough together so as to put our arms around one another’s shoulders. Some folks weren’t physically comfortable with this, so they had the option to place their hands on the neighbor’s knees instead. Obviously, this wasn’t meant to be an exercise in discomfort!

We then practiced moving in a circle with the energy flowing first left to right and then right to left. We waited to sense the natural shifting of the energy currents.

Once we felt ready, we closed our eyes, focused on our intent to celebrate love and balance, and began to OM. I had spoken earlier about how to OM, that one should give equal time to the O and the M. I also mentioned that it didn’t have to be one long, sustained OM but could be a pulsing series of short OMs.

The exercise was beautifully meditative; the combination of movement, touch or connection, and sound was powerful. It unified the group in a magical way quite quickly.

One person did suggest afterward that it be done standing up. I’m sure this would have been fine too and more comfortable for certain folks. So, as always, be flexible with how toning practices are done. Honor the body, not the idea.

Do you have a toning idea to share?

Dreamer or Dreamsmith?

One of the most important things we can ever do is remember that we are always dreaming. Until we do, we are merely dreamers, but not yet dreamsmiths. Even what we deem the “awake” state is really not that much different from the sleep state. It’s all a dream. I’m dreaming I’m a person living a particular life with particular values and beliefs and desires. I’m dreaming I have preferences, that good things and not so good things happen. I’m even dreaming that I can control that dream by thinking certain thoughts and not others. But it’s still all a dream.

The thing about dreams is, when we actually do wake up from them, we may be fascinated or not, but no matter the content of the dream, it no longer matters. It fades quickly enough. Even if we are prone to dream analysis, all we have managed to do in that is slip from one dream into another. It is a mystery. And the person who believes that they can influence their dreams within the dream does. The person who believes he has no control doesn’t. And the person who doesn’t think it matters either way is correct. But no one is wrong because it’s just a dream.

We are all dreamers telling stories in order to experience this mystery. I like, most people, regularly forget that I am dreaming. I begin to believe the story in which I find myself. I begin to believe it matters. So I have to practice “not dreaming.” I have to step out of the constant motion, the endless thinking and strategizing. I have to put down all my beliefs, as best I can, and just breathe. Some call this meditation. Some call it stillness. Whatever one calls it, I have found it is necessary for sobriety.

When the sanity returns, and I remember that I am a dreamer dreaming, I am not as concerned with “getting it right”. What’s to get right in a dream? I am not as concerned with coming up with answers to explain my predicaments and my self-reflective tendencies become curiosities rather than matters of life or death, misery or happiness. I am not sucked into comparisons, the flickering images before me, the tragedies nor the triumphs. The dream will surely shift.

And when I remember that I am always dreaming, I remember that everyone else is to. So when they act totally crazy or in an unpredictable manner, I am not so surprised. When the story is so real for them that everything in their dream complies with it, including the role they are having me play, I am not so astounded. I let it unwind. I let their dream dream out and back carefully away. Well, I do my best anyway. But there are certainly a lot of other dreamers with which to contend. If I do not dream my own dream, I dream the dreams of others by default. They are not always pleasant.

There are many of us with a yearning to wake up from the dream without slipping into another. What I have seen of seekers and journeyers is that we have a tendency to make our practices real forgetting they too are elements of a dream. We put far too much emphasis on “the way”. We forget we’re dreaming that too. We’re dreaming our gurus, our texts, our practices. We’re dreaming our limitations, even. It’s mind boggling. It’s the greatest mystery of all…this Life we live until we die.

I remember a profound dream I once had within a dream in which a plant medicine spoke to me and said, “What’s the point? Choose your point.” It was a great teaching. There is no point…unless one chooses a point. And having made that choice, one can change it in another instant and choose another point. Am I saying life is pointless? Pointless, poignant…but all the same. We, as dreamers, have no say in the matter, unless we remember we’re dreaming. Only then, can we choose. But if we’re awake, what’s the point of choosing. Life lives us. We no longer care.

Lately, I’ve been dreaming that I’ve forgotten how to let Life live me. I walk like a crab…sideways…leaning into my dreams questioning everything I see and believe to be real. It’s the best I can do for now.  And for now, I use the tools I’ve been given to dream a more beautiful dream. I use color, words, light, sound, music, and silence to create a dream I want to be dreaming, to inspire myself within my dreams. I am a dreamsmith.

What are you dreaming?

Sounds for Ascension

Yesterday, I facilitated Toning for Peace at the beautiful geodesic dome of the Light Center in Black Mountain, NC. It’s my absolutely favorite place to tone. It’s such a beautiful space supported by so many benevolent energies. And the acoustics! Yowza!

There were four of us. Not a big turn out, but as usual, the perfect turn-out to perform the service we were meant to…whether that be service to ourselves, to each other, the Center, or the Earth. Because of the intimate size of the group, two men and two women, I pretty much threw my only somewhat organized original plans out the window…something that seems to be happening more and more in my life. Over and over, life tells me to let go and let God/Spirit/Life. I had my doubts about how it would all come together, but magically, (and of course!) it did.

I still decided to share some of the things I had learned about Edgar Cayce since my last post, when I first learned that he actually recommended a form of toning that he called “chanting”:

Incant [chant] that which carries self deeper, deeper — to the seeing, feeling, experiencing of that image in the creative forces of love. Then, enter into the Holy of Holies [the third eye]. As self feels or experiences the raising of this, see it disseminated through the inner eye (not the carnal eye) to that which will bring the greater understanding in meeting every condition in the experience of the body. Then listen to the music that is made as each center of thine own body responds to that new creative force. Little by little this entering in will enable self to renew all that is necessary, in Him. 281-13

It was really powerful to apply his method of sounding i e o u e i o uhm, first in unison and then flying off at our own pace weaving our voices together. We did this in the center of the dome, standing in cross formation with an amethyst I’d recently been gifted on the floor in the center of the cross. It felt so incredible, so powerful, an opening in time and space.

Afterwards, I shared some of Cayce’s views on meditation. Cayce believed that meditation is listening to God, while prayer is talking. Of meditation, he has said, “MEDITATION is EMPTYING self of all that hinders the creative forces from rising along the natural channels of the physical man to be disseminated through those centers and sources that create the activities of the physical, the mental, the spiritual man; properly done must make one STRONGER mentally, physically, for has it not been given?…” 281-13

Emptying. Emptying of plans, even of intentions. Allowing creative forces to flow through us and out. Yes! Yes! Yes!

We had a gifted musician present, and since the Light Center is equipped with a grand piano (did I mention I LOVE this place?), he channeled some music while we toned. I swear, the combination of piano and voices along with the poetic reminder from Cayce to allow was creating some kind of lifting element. It was as if the room itself was spinning upward toward the sky.

If meditation is listening to God, while prayer is talking, I believe that Toning is a two-way conversation. Realizing this, and following my experience this past Sunday at the Light Center, it is clear to me that Toning for Peace has been evolving for some time. In some ways, I guess I’ve been waiting for the masses to catch up…to know what toning is, to participate in it, to experience its joys and gifts. But there can be no more waiting. The roll for some of us is to just keep walking forward…even if fewer and fewer people follow.

While there will still be a place, and in fact, a need for Toning for Peace circles as they have been…what we can now call T4P 1st Generation, I leave the 1st Generation to those called to it, those still exploring their voices, those who enjoy techniques and more structured gatherings, those more focused on inner healing, holding space for it as I always have. It is a wonderful thing.

But I am now being called to direct more of my energy toward the next generation…a new generation about creating Sounds for Ascension. It’s about showing up without a plan, immersing ourselves in frequency to raise our own and that of the planet, using sound as a vehicle (literally!) from which to reach greater and greater creative and spiritual heights. And I look forward to collaborating with T4P’s team of circle hosts and guest facilitators who may be inspired to co-create this.

At any level, it is, as it always has been for me anyway, about flying.

In closing, I will once more quote Cayce who divined the following prayer:

Let thy prayer, thy meditation, be as this:

Here am I; use me, O God, as Thou seest I have need of that I may know what Thou would have me do! Let my attitude to my fellow man, mine loved ones, mine friends, mine enemies, be such that my life, my expressions of hope and joy and kindness, may reflect His life to others. Keep my tongue, keep my feet, in those ways, in those paths, that lead to the understandings Thou wouldst have me have – now. (770-1)

AH OM HUM for Sleep

pinwheelReady to settle down for the night and want a toning exercise that will quiet the mind and help prepare you for restful sleep? Give AH-OM-HUM a try.

It is very similar to AUM or OM, but there is a subtle yet powerful difference.  These three syllables are a purification practice, perfect for releasing the day and all its constructs and entering the dreamtime.

Rather than toning AH-U-MM or OH-M, you are toning the three sounds, AH, OM and HUM (pronounced HOOM) in sequence all on one breathe to the end of a single exhalation. On the inhalation, rest and reverberate the sound in your mind. Then begin again with sounding on the exhalation.

Some of you may be familiar with the Buddhist mantra OM AH HUM.  The sounds serve the same function. They just do so in a different order. I learned AH-OM-HUM in my trainings in Yungdrung Bon. You can experiment for yourself and find the sequence that works for you. Each way you do it will stimulate different aspects first.

Sweet dreams!

The World of Sound Therapy Part III: Tibetan Instruments

The Tibetans  are masters at healing with sound. Tibetan bells, ting-shas, the shang, gongs, and other instruments are used to shake up the energy in the body and dispel disease, shift stagnated energy, or fill the body with healthy vitality. For example, ting-shas are special bells used to scan the body and actually change pitch or timbre to signify energies in the body that need to be cleared.

Himalayan bowls are sometimes placed on or around the body to allow their vibration to penetrate into the cells while bells and gongs are played near or around the body to shower it with intense, audible vibrations. Science has shown that these bowls emit alpha waves which are the same waves emitted by the brain in meditation. Achieving this state is essential to healing as it activates the body’s own wisdom to heal itself.

Next time: Tribal Instruments