Learn to Meditate              

There is now overwhelming research on the benefits of regular meditation including mental clarity, emotional well-being, and improved health. There are so many different ways to meditate and just as many misconceptions about what meditation is and isn’t. Though no approach is inherently bad, not every practice yields the same quality of results. Meditation is meant to make a positive difference in your life, opening your heart both to yourself and others more.

Meditation with me is grounded in three things:

Stillness – we stop doing and efforting
Silence – we stop listening to our thoughts and expand our awareness
Spaciousness – we discover the vast nature of our being

The rest takes care of itself.

Don’t worry; sitting like a pretzel is optional!

I also offer a unique combination of energy- and voice-centered and traditional relaxation therapies that can help with things like PTSD, PMDD, emotional trauma, chronic pain, change of life, stress, low energy or anxiety. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), guided meditations and visualizations, Reiki and Aka Dua Energy Healing, Toltec Wisdom (The Four Agreements, etc.), sound healing– each of these can quiet an anxious and turbulent mind and provide time and space for the body’s natural healing process to occur.



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