Sounds Like Life

Welcome to Sounds Like Life, part one of the Sounds Good program.

This was a “for pay” program that I am now releasing to the public for free during these unprecedented times. We have been given a HUGE opportunity of time and space to begin to or to continue ever more deeply to delve into our spiritual journeys. I know these tools work; use them if they resonate with you. And if they do, I simply ask that you help me share them by posting this page or the various links you found helpful to your social media circles.

There’s a lot here. Please take your time. Rushing through will not unlock the deep teachings that are contained within the practices. Give yourself time…six months or more. The more, the better. You can, however, feel free to skip around, working with whatever calls you in the moment. Remember, Sounds Like Life sets important groundwork for more advanced studies in part two, Sounds Like Magic.


The Vocal Channel
Chapter 1 Audio of Text
Attunement Only
Meditation One: Calling in the Elements
Meditation Two: Mirror Meditation #1
Meditation Three: Mirror Meditation #2
Meditation Four: Mirror Meditation #3
Meditation Five: Mirror Meditation #4
Vocal Channel Activation
     *please note: if you are pregnant or menstruating, have heart issues or other health  conditions which make it stressful to hold the breath, please skip the diaphragm pumping exercises during this activation and substitue with long deep breathing.

Breath is Life
Chapter 2 Audio of Text
Breathwork Contraindications PDF
Breathwork Exercise #1 – Breaking Out
Breathwork Exercise #2 – Long Deep Breathing
Breathwork Exercise #3 – Follow Your Breath
Breathwork Exercise #4 – Enhanced Exhalation
Breath #5 Meditation Pt. 1 – Letting the Breath Breathe You
Breath #5 Meditation Pt. 2 – Cellular Breathing
Breathwork Exercise #6 – Ujjayi Breath
Breathwork Exercise #7 – Rebalancing Breath
Breathwork Exercise #8 – Breath of Fire
Breathwork Exercise #9 – Sitali
Breathwork Exercise #10 – Humazing!
Breathwork Exercise #11 – Humazing Grace!
Breathwork Exercise #12 – The Square Breath
Breathwork Exercise #13 – The Minute Breath
Breathwork Exercise #14 – Alternate Nostril Breathing

ABC Frequency
Chapter 3 Audio of Text
ABC Meditation
AlphaPlay PDF
The Art of Sigil Making

The Power of Words
Chapter 4 Audio of Text
Video: Practice 1 – Corrupted Symbols & New World Dictionary
Corrupted Symbols PDF
Practices 2, 3  & 4 – New Fasting/Silence/Thanksgiving
Practice 5 – Prepositions
Practice 6 – Yes and No
Practice 7 – More Triggers
Practice 8 – I AM

The Art of Telling Stories
Chapter 5 Audio of Text
Practice 1 – Alienating Assumptions & Languaging
Practice 2 – Gossip
Practice 3 – Identifying Your People
Practice 4 – Incongruence
Practice 5 – New World Dictionary Continued
Practice 6 – Rewriting Your Stories

BONUS: Inner Family Feud

Deep Listening
Chapter 6 Audio of Text
Practice 1 – Ear Chakra Meditation
Practice 2 – Levels of Listening
Practice 3 – Lie Detecting
Practice 4 – Become the  Music
Practice 5 – Vocal Qualities
Practice 6 – Affirmotions