Sounds Like Life

Based on The Unknown Mother: A Magical Walk with the Goddess of Sound and Your True Voice: Tools to Embrace A Fully Expressed Life, including a unique online contemplative program for milking the magic out of your life, this is a self-illumination adventure! This is a powerful, wholistic method of healing on multidimensional levels with an emphasis on the voice as a tool for self-awareness, mindfulness, and release. You can be a pioneer on the self-illuminating journey of Sound Blessings, with a free introduction or purchase the full course. 

Sounds Like Life will set the groundwork for your studies in sound. It includes over 50 elements — pdfs, mp3’s, videos, meditations, breath practices and awareness builders to launch your journey into the mysteries of vibration. It covers:

  • The Vocal Channel
  • Breath Is Life
  • ABC Frequency
  • The Power of Words
  • The Art of Telling Stories
  • Deep Listening

FREE!!! As a special gift, you can get started on your journey right here, right now before ever spending a penny with the complete offerings at the 1st Gate:

The Vocal Channel


The First Gate

Chapter One Audio of Text

Attunement Only

Meditation One: Calling in the Elements

Meditation Two: Mirror Meditation #1

Meditation Three: Mirror Meditation #2

Meditation Four: Mirror Meditation #3

Meditation Five: Mirror Meditation #4

Vocal Channel Activation     

*please note: if you are pregnant or menstruating, have heart issues or other health  conditions which make it stressful to hold the breath, please skip the diaphragm pumping exercises during this activation and substitue with long deep breathing.

We are in an age of crisis. These days we can say anything without much consequence. We are constantly fed a diet of half-truths, non-truths, and out-and-out lies, manipulated at every turn by media, politicians, and corporations who have no reverence for higher laws. It is twisting us and impacting our health in so many dimensions. By connecting with the vibratory essence of life, we heal our relationship with our own unique vibration in a world that has lost its tilt. We can live in full self-acceptance and empowerment!

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