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Welcome to Sound Blessings, a yogic mystery school of sound based on The Unknown Mother: A Magical Walk with the Goddess of Sound and Your True Voice: Tools to Embrace A Fully Expressed Life, including a unique online contemplative program for milking the magic out of your life. It’s a self-illumination adventure!

Sounds Like Life

Sounds Like Life will set the groundwork for your studies in sound. It includes over 50 elements — pdfs, mp3’s, videos, meditations, breath practices and awareness builders to launch your journey into the mysteries of vibration.

It covers:

The Vocal Channel
Breath Is Life
ABC Frequency
The Power of Words
The Art of Telling Stories
Deep Listening

FREE!!! As a special gift, you can get started on your journey right here, right now before ever spending a penny with the complete offerings at the 1st Gate: The Vocal Channel.


The First Gate
Chapter One Audio of Text
Attunement Only
Meditation One: Calling in the Elements
Meditation Two: Mirror Meditation #1
Meditation Three: Mirror Meditation #2
Meditation Four: Mirror Meditation #3
Meditation Five: Mirror Meditation #4
Vocal Channel Activation
     *please note: if you are pregnant or menstruating, have heart issues or other health  conditions which make it stressful to hold the breath, please skip the diaphragm pumping exercises during this activation and substitue with long deep breathing.


IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENT: During the COVID19 Emergency, I have decided to offer everything I’ve ever created and all I currently offer on a donation basis. If you would like to access Sounds Like Life for FREE, you may do so here. No strings attached! Just do the work!

€49,99 special introductory price for a limited time



Sounds Like Magic

Once you’ve been working with the Sounds Like Life program for six months or more, you may be ready to dive deeper. Sounds Like Magic will connect you to the vibratory essence of life to heal your relationship with our own unique vibration in a world that has lost its tilt. Discover that miracles are ordinary and magic is your birthright! Request more information.

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