What is Intuitive Voicework???


  “It was amazing, powerful, and completely life enhancing. I have great respect and deep appreciation for the healing work that Dielle offers.”


Why is the voice so important to you?
It is expression. It is creation. It is how we turn our insides out. And for some reason, when I sing, I like what comes out, so much better than when I speak. Without the voice, how would I stake a claim, share an idea, share a feeling, share anything?? And here, realize that silence is also part of the voice. Silence speaks volumes, as they say. Voice is like the very soul of a person. How could it not be important?

How do you work with clients?
It’s always different because people come to me for different reasons. Even my workshops are different because different people show up. And even if it was the same people, they would be different from one workshop to the next. So I use what is present and up for people. Some people come to me because they want to sing better. They don’t care about the inner deep stuff. That’s not my ideal client, though. I most enjoy working with people who already know something about energy and want to use the voice to heal. Then I become simply the facilitator instead of the teacher. And I prefer that.

“Dielle is clear and compassionate, but most of all fully present. Her calm and genuine teaching style makes it comfortable to open up.”

How does working with the voice help people?
Some people are only aware of the surface benefits…they sound better or communicate more freely, which is great. But there is so much more going on. The awareness that voice work builds makes people better creators of life. They start to listen differently. They start to experiment more. And they start to align themselves. And they discover things about themselves they didn’t know. Some people say it feeds them…they long to express for no reason at all.

Why would someone come to you for voice work?
People come to me because they want to sing or they want to improve their voice in some way. They long to sing and express themselves. They come to me instead of some other voice teacher because they also sense, if they don’t know, that there is more to this desire than what it appears to be on the outside. Their soul is longing for something.

What kinds of voice issues do you deal with?
Let me start by stating what I don’t do. I’m not a speech & language pathologist. I don’t deal with medical issues. I don’t teach “singing” either. I don’t even read music. But I can help an already great singer perform & sing better. And I can teach technique to someone who has none. But my sessions aren’t about singing lots of scales and learning songs…although there is some of that, it is not the main thrust.

What is the main thrust of your practice?
For me, the technique, the breath, the variables are all tools with which to play for the purpose of self-expression. The voice is like medicine. It’s a healer. Getting people to experience and get in touch with this is the thrust of my practice.

What is the most incredible thing you’ve ever experienced in your work?

The most incredible thing I’ve experienced is what I repeatedly experience…I get to hear God every time someone has the courage to do this work, the faith to surrender, and the willingness to open her mouth. It is an intuitive symbiosis, a magic that unfolds through intent and masterful use of the tools: breath, movement, and voice.

Sessions can help you:

  • Deepen your meditative states
  • Relieve physical and emotional pain
  • Maintain harmony with others
  • Stir your creative juices
  • Express with clarity & confidence
  • Release emotion, tension, anxiety, and stress
  • Cultivate playfulness
  • Convient pricing!
    1.13 EUR per minute, so choose our session length according to your  budget.

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