Relax, receive, regenerate, renew with Restorative Yoga Energy Healing Sessions Online!

Be gently guided into restorative yoga postures that nurture as you receive a combination of Reiki, Reiki Tummo, & Aka Dua energies to facilitate healing on multiple levels.

This service is ideal for those experiencing

  • mental, physical or emotional fatigue
  • anxiety, fear, grief
  • chronic conditions
  • spiritual crisis
  • anyone feeling the need for deep rest and restoration

What is Restorative Yoga?

Designed for recovery, in this style of yoga, the client is fully supported and “embraced” by props such as bolsters, pillows, blocks and blankets placing the body in a receptive state so that s/he may deeply and safely surrender and let go of habitual physical stress, holding patterns, buried mental tension, and entrenched energetic blockages. There is no strain or effort required. During a session, you will generally be guided through 3 to 6 poses.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is considered universal lifeforce energy or chi. It’s application for enlightenment was first developed by Mikao Usui in 1922 and has since grown to be a healing modality practiced all over the world. It is a widely accepted form of alternative therapy even among more traditional medical platforms, as it is very safe and gentle. I am a Level 2 Practitioner which allows me to offer local and long-distance healing.

What is Reiki Tummo?

The lesser known Reiki Tummo combines Japanese and Tibetan energies or universal life force energy from above and kundalini energy from the root. It was developed by Irman Effendi and provides powerful energy to deepen one’s spiritual connection to source to help speed spirtual growth and physical healing. I am certified through Reiki Tummo 2 and its counterpart Open Heart Level 2.

What is Aka Dua?

Aka Dua has a very long history associated with ancient mystery traditions, but generally speaking comes from the Toltec tradition of the Americas and contains seven different frequencies each with their own qualities to assist us along our healing path. Aka Dua, unlike the other energies mentioned, is meant to upgrade our “operating software”, enhance our gifts, and strengthen our ability to bring them forward. Coyote the Blind is the lineage holder of this energy. I am a Level 2 Practitioner.

I believe these energies each contain pieces of a greater whole, like parts of a puzzle, only we’re the puzzle pieces, and these energies are the forces that put our soul parts back in the proper alignment with our Source. I can run one, some or all these energies during our sessions. It is completely up to you.

What will you need?

You will need a quiet, restful room and some yoga props, preferably bolsters made for the purpose, some blocks, a belt and some blankets and pillows. However, you can always find things around the house that will suffice. Just find a generous stack of bed pillows, couch cusions, or blankets and towels and you’re good to go! You will also obviously need an internet connection and camera as our session will take place via Zoom.

How much is a session?

My rate of service is 1.13 EUR per minute. So you can choose the length of your session according to your budget.

Ready for your session?


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