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  • Join Dielle and Kevin for a fun and engaging exploration of the chakra system. Learn about what the chakras are, common misconceptions about them, their purpose, conditions that are associated with imbalance, helpful practices to restore balance, hand yoga (mudras) for each chakra, journaling prompts, and affirmations. As a bonus, you'll also receive a yoga posture assocated with each chakra.
    If your main interest is voicework, subscribe to the Sounds Like Life Program which offers you a self-paced, self-illuminating journey through the first 6 of the 10 Gates of Sound: The Vocal Channel, Breath, Letters, Words, Stories and Listening... foundational material necessary for advanced Transformational Voicework. Includes a FREE 30 minute 1-to-1 check in.
    For the price of typical yoga class, you can purchase this Tranquil Living favorite - a customizable chair yoga program - featuring over 120 minutes of yoga instruction including 22 videos, 5 breath and meditation practices, and helpful texts. Includes a FREE 30 minute private session.

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