Dielle, Yoga & You

Personal Development through Language Learning

As an educator with over 15+ years of experience teaching all ages and various content, I am pleased to be in the process of adding a TESL/TEFL certification to my already-crazy-long list of skills, and am currently offering English Language Tutoring both in person and via Skype.

As an English-speaking expat (or immigrant–frankly, I am not sure there really is a difference) struggling to live in a foreign country, I am quite familiar with the challenges of second language learners. I live it on a daily basis! From simple tasks like making phone calls to more complex communication, I know first hand how incredibly important AND frustrating 2nd-language learning can be. I’ve had my share of teachers since arriving in France two years ago, and I’ve learned a few things about what works and what doesn’t in picking up a 2nd language.

It’s got to be RELEVANT to the learner, it’s got to be as STRESS-FREE an experience as possible, and if one can add in a bit of FUN, all the better. Since my interests are in the field of personal development, let’s focus on language that helps you clarify and communicate your feelings, dreams, ideas, and values to others and use that as a means to become more FLUENT, more COURAGEOUS , and more CONFIDENT!

Working with me is ideal for:

  • older students challenged by but needing to communicate in a 2nd language
  • those interested in alternative health and healing fields requiring specific vocabulary
  • men and women who want to meet the challenge of learning something new and beneficial
  • those intending travel to English-speaking countries
  • teens and young adults who want to be prepared in an international world
  • language learners who want a relaxed and stress-free learning experience
  • people needing task-specific assistance with the English language

Please contact me for more information.