Open Source Energy Healing

Open Source Energy Healing
Empowering the Healer in You

Open Source Energy Healing
Manifesting the Griffin

What Is It?

From the Open Source Energy Healing perspective, healing is simply caring and witnessing. As conduits for healing, we care deeply about ourselves and others and we make use of our awareness and intention to respectfully apply that care. It is about the “re-membering” of ourselves back to an integrated whole.

Humans have an endearing tendency to overcomplicate things. The mission of Open Source Energy Healing is to take the mystery, superstition, ego-obsession (need to “do”), and dogma out of energy work. It is to purify our conceptions, strip our misconceptions, and empower the healer in you.

Who Created It?

My own background in energy work includes two levels of Reiki, two of Reiki Tummo, and two of Aka Dua. I also received a very personal healing ray transmission from a star race during a pilgimage to the ancient ruins near Mexico City. I’ve also worked as an intuitive sound healer for several years in Asheville, NC, where I specialized in voice as a tool for healing, publishing two books on the subject.

My point in sharing this is neither to impress anyone nor to justify my role in creating Open Source Energy Healing. It is simply to provide some context. I am simply the steward of Open Source Energy Healing. On this, I have been guided by and work for Source to empower others to own their healing potentials. My time and energy is freely offered with no expectations. 

This all came about because as a yoga and meditation teacher, I really wanted my classes to be less about “a workout” and more about self-healing. While my students were practicing, I didn’t want to be the guru at the front of the room doling out the healing energy. Rather, I wanted a way for my yoga students to feel empowered to heal themselves.

While I would invite them to use their own hands on their bodies, I noticed that they often held limits or doubts about what they were doing. Some of them had been exposed to or even received attunements in certain systems, and others did not. It created a ground for both cognitive dissonance (I didn’t learn it this way!) and comparison (I don’t have any experience!). I wanted to eradicate that. Open Source Energy Healing became the solution.

There are so many different healing modalities out there, so many systems! They are unique and please know there’s nothing wrong with any of them. As you know, I myself have been attuned to several. However, I believe it is time to start bringing everything back to simplicity and the One, not just in terms of energy healing but in many aspects of life. As I’ve already mentioned, humans love to complicate things; we love expansion. The simple bores us or tends to make us skeptical, but that’s because we are conditioned to value the complex. However, it is the simplest and purest that remains closest to essence. We must all understand this.

Open Source Energy Healing is about empowering the healer in everyone and making healing accessible to all…without expensive hierarchical trainings, without certifications, without fancy descriptors or secret societies, or tantalizing marketing schemes. It completely removes the fear of “not being good enough”, “doing it wrong”, and even “opening up to unknown energies”. It frees us of the need to scan, palpate, intrude, pull, fill, or move energy. All that is required is your open presence.

It is based on 1) the universality of healing energy as a birthright and 2) universal protocols and ethics. That’s it. The energy is the highest and the raw source of every other more distinctive energy. It is exactly what it says it is…open source healing energy.

All healing is essentially the release from fear.
~A Course in Miracles (2IV.1.7)

Why “Open Source”?

Just like with open source software, there are no secrets to it and anyone can use it or even choose to incorporate it into something else. No one holds a lineage or knows more or is more experienced because it isn’t about the practitioner. It’s about the Source. The Source does all the work. The practitioner is merely a conduit (as has always been the case and will forever be the case). Here, that is spelled out plainly and reaffirmed again and again.

The beauty behind the concept of open source is that anyone can discover a vulnerability or “flaw’ in the “software” or delivery system and contribute to its improvement making it more aligned and purer with the original source. In fact, I count on all of you to help me achieve that. If this ever begins to devolve into a system, school, or dogma, call it out!

Anyone who agrees to follow the protocols and abide by the code of ethics is welcomed to call themselves an Open Source Energy Healing Practitioner (OSP for short!). All it takes is a simple, non-mystical attunement that can be done online either here through the website or by anyone who has already been attuned. This is always at no cost, though anyone is welcome to make a love offering, but it is not and never will be required. Nor will it ever be required of any Open Source Energy Healer. We must all understand this.

There is no religious or non-religious affiliation. Chi, prana, healing energy… Buddhist, Christian, Muslim…by any name, and within every system of faith or non-faith, there exists the force of Life untouched by it all. There are no advanced trainings, no yearly continuing education requirements, no authoritative bodies…save one. The One. You answer to that and that alone. It is that which ordains you, empowers you, trains you, protects you and guides you. Not me. Not anybody else. We must all understand this.

Who Is This Attunement For?

  • Anyone new to energy healing.
  • Those wanting to use hands-on healing during their own meditations or restorative practices.
  • Caregivers who want to add an energy-healing dimension in their work with others.
  • Those who can’t afford or choose not to invest financially in expensive energy healing trainings. In fact, this can be a great way to decide whether or not you would like to train in a more specialized system.
  • Those who have faith (or experience) in the power of the Life Force to heal.

Who Is Not Suited to This Attunement?

  • Those already well-established in other healing modalities as this would be redundant.
  • Those who want or feel they need an authoritative body or certificate to validate their practice.
  • People who may need more structure or guidance in energy healing applications.
  • Anyone who doubts the validity or effectiveness of energy healing.

The Attunement:

The following is the attunement required for all Open Source Energy Healing Practitioners. It is straight forward and intentionally simple. The only catch is that it be passed down from one person who has already received it to another; this is more about being witnessed than it is about one person’s entitlement to ordain another. We must all understand this.

Attunements are offered online or you can ask someone who is already attuned to attune you. Attunement must be done in front of a mirror. Though nothing fancy needs to be done, you are welcome to light a candle, say a prayer, make an offering… whatever would be supportive to your intent. Then, while sitting before the mirror with direct self eye-contact, recite the attunement statement (which will be provided to you at your attunement session).

This may need to be repeated several times. You must completely resonate with each and every word. You are then consecrated and able to channel Open Source Energy at will. Sound too simple to be true? It is indeed simple. But it is also simply true. You are a healer by birthright. If ever you doubt yourself, return to the attunement statement and recite it like a prayer.

Becoming an Open Source Energy Healing Practitioner doesn’t mean you can’t practice other modalities. Remember, they are each a refinement or unique manifestation of Open Source Energy. But Open Source Energy remains the purest form…unadulterated by concept, opinion, judgment, or dogma.

For some, it may not feel like enough to be an Open Source Energy Healing Practitioner. It is too simple. You may find that the symbols of Reiki or the elements of Aka Dua help you better focus or feel more empowered to offer healing. There’s nothing wrong with that. You are free to do what you will and may practice any other healing modality, at least from the perspective of Open Source.

That said, the whole point of Open Source is to remove the unnecessary accouterments of healing and offer healing in its purest form. It is to hold the purest faith in the energy itself. We must all understand this.

The Protocol:


  • Your role is as a trustworthy, humble conduit and nonjudmental witnessing presence adhering to the code of ethics.  
  • Always ask permission to offer healing without manipulation or coercion. If you are unable to ask the person yourself, then send the energy to their ‘angelic team’ or if you prefer ‘intelligence team’ who will be able to use the energy on their human’s behalf at the right dose and timing.
  • There is no need to touch the body or move the hands during a session, but for some, it can be assuring and loving. If you do offer a laying on of hands, again, ask for specific permission to do so and inform the ‘client’ they may rescind the invitation at any time.
  • State the following aloud:  I offer myself as a conduit for the universal healing power available to us all on behalf of ____. I take no credit for any healing taking place and allow only the purest energy in perfect order for the highest good.
  • The bolded line is not optional. Please learn it by heart. Every time it is stated, it empowers and strengthens every other Open Source Energy Healer ad infinitum. Then simply open yourself up and let ‘er rip.
  • When it feels complete, simply offer a prayer of thanks. Nothing else is necessary. Anything else is just extra (including the use of symbols, calling in spirits, knowledge of meridians, playing music, scanning, etc)

Receiver or “Client”

  • The ‘client’ may choose to sit or lie down.
  • The ‘client’ creates an environment where they will not be disturbed (turns off the phone, puts pets in another room, etc.,).
  • The ‘client’ promises to communicate if necessary (if too cold, too hot, notices sensations, feels uncomfortable in any way).

The Code of Ethics:

  • Open Source Energy Healing and Attunements are always offered freely and without expectation of payment. Love offerings freely given may be accepted.
  • Understand that there is one Source. If you engage in any more distinctive energy practices (Reiki, Aka Dua, etc.,), you recognize that they in fact come from Open Source and NOT the other way around. You remain free to practice any modality in which you are trained, but you acknowledge that there is no better than or lesser than, except what may be better than or less than for you personally.
  • Maintain honesty and confidentiality with your clients.
  • Never make Open Source Energy Healing more than or less than it is in advertising or description. Do not promise outcomes or results. This is between your ‘client’ and Source. You do not ‘help’. You ‘support and witness’.
  • Never try to copyright or “own” anything having to do with Open Source Energy Healing. 
  • Never engage in any illegal or immoral activity with your clients or students.
  • Abide by all state/province/territory, national, local or county laws and rules.
  • Follow the protocol. Ask permission without manipulation or coercion! Do not promise outcomes or results. This is between your ‘client’ and Source. You do not ‘help’. You ‘support and witness’.
  • Maintain professional boundaries and the autonomy and individuality of your ‘client’. Never touch a ‘client’s’ genital area or breasts, never ask them to disrobe, or never make sexual comments or references.
  • Abstain from the use of drugs or alcohol during all professional activities.
  • Be actively working on your own healing.
  • Suggest a consultation or referral for clients to qualified licensed professionals (medical doctor, licensed therapist, etc.) when appropriate.
  • Never diagnose medical or psychological conditions or prescribe medications.

Got questions? Contact me.

Are you ready to receive your attunement? Attunements will soon be available via mp3 download! Stay tuned!

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