What is Wellness Mirror Meditation Mentoring?

In my work, I’ve often felt uncomfortable with the words at my disposal to describe what it is I do. Calling myself a coach (which I did for a couple of years) felt too sporty. Labeling myself a counselor felt too clinical. Saying I am a teacher (which by degree I am) gave the impression I had all the answers. And guide was too indicative of the travel industry.

The word mentor is the closest thing that makes the most sense. Wikipedia states that mentoring “is a process that always involves communication and is relationship based, but its precise definition is elusive.” It goes on to describe it as “a transmission of knowledge”.

I find this all very suitable for several reasons. Communication and relationship are at the heart of what I offer clients. I’m here primarily to witness, listen, and reflect. But I am also here to share experience and presence. Also, that a precise definition of mentoring is elusive fits the ever-evolving nature of this relationship. Each session is a discovery. I don’t follow a formula, unless that formula is “get out of the way.” And finally, I love the word “transmission” too because mentoring is often a mysterious process, the level as which we work together going much deeper than anything the mind can ascertain. It’s an experience for us both.

But I also wanted to use a descriptor word along-side mentor to help people understand the kind of mentoring I offer. Spiritual mentor was suggested, but I cringed. I think the word spiritual has been so abused, and frankly, it’s limited. Yes, I want to do what I can to return people to wholeness and inner peace, but I also want to empower them to embrace their raw truth and to ground them deeply to the earth. The word wellness seems to best integrate the various facets of my mentoring.

And speaking of the word integration, that is the art of mirror meditation: to bring the physical, emotional, mental, and yes, spiritual aspects of each individual into integrity. The desire of Mirror Spiritus is to awaken the dreamer, one reflection at a time.

Why is it Valuable?

Sure, a person can learn to meditate on his own, just like we can learn to play piano or build a website on our own. The learning curve may be greater than if we had some help, but it can be done. However, imagine how rich the benefits of immediate feedback, encouragement, and shared wisdom! More importantly, imagine how much faster and easier the process when you have someone showing you the techniques, dead-ends, and traps. We all have blind-spots and places we get stuck. These are difficult to overcome alone. Among other things, private sessions in mirror meditation provides you with a clear reflection and fresh insight. It is a commitment to one’s self. You can read some testimonials from others here.

What is a Session Like?

In the rare case that we are in the same location, I am available for face-to-face mirror meditation sessions. However, most of the mirror meditation sessions I conduct are done via Skype since clients are located all over the world. Despite the two-dimensional nature of technology, the tools and techniques themselves remain powerful and transformative.

We will spend some time talking so I can get a sense of where you are, what’s up for you, and what your goals are for the session. We will then enter into a guided mirror meditation. There may be breathwork, voicework, movement, or other tools employed before, during or after the mirror meditation to facilitate or reinforce the work.

  • 40 EUR for an hour (+20 non-VIP members)
  • 20 EUR for a 30 minute session (+10 non-VIP members)
  • 30 EUR for a 45 minute session (+15 non-VIP members)

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