Grief Movement & Space-Holding

Grief Movement & Space-Holding

As a Grief Movement Guide, I offer 1:1 support for those on the profound journey of grief as a specific focus or in combination with any other Divine Me Time practices.

Loss comes in so many forms. And while there are numerous reasons why some people are uncomfortable and avoidant of grief, for such a universal experience from which no one can escape, it is hard to understand why the grieving process has been so dishonored and relegated to the closet, judged, suppressed, and even denied by our culture.

It is my honor and deep privilege to hold space for your grief process helping you to give yourself the permission to “do it your way”, which is really just another facet of the spiritual journey. There is room for each of the challenging emotions that arise, no matter how big or small, no matter how long or short.

Who Is This For?

This work is for anyone who has experienced a loss or death, be it a loved one, pet, job, home, marriage, health and most especially, an identity. Let us not forget that waking up itself is a greiving process. The earth and her children are undergoing a tremendous and incomprehensible transformation. We are each traumatized in our own way and senstive to the extent of collective trauma affecting this planet. So there are those who will do this work for themselves and there are those who will be called to do this work on behalf of all of nature and spirit.

What This Is Not:

I am not a psychotherapist or councelor, nor am I a teacher or grief expert. Rather I am a present witness offering you tools to help you move through your difficult thoughts, emotions, and sensations during times of loss. Grief Movement is an ancillary and complimentary support along your path with powerful potentials to help you face your process head-on safely and move through it with grace and courage.

1.13 EUR per minute for a session time of your choice (30 – 60 minutes)

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