Do you qualify for free sessions?

  • Are you facing the threat of unpaid unemployment for your personal choices?

  • Have you recently been fired for wanting to maintain your bodily autonomy?

  • Are you a nurse or other healthcare worker who is now out of a job despite years of stellar, caring service?

  • Have you lost a loved one to unsolved yet highly coincidental circumstances that the medical profession seems determined to ignore?

  • Are you a caregiver of or someone who has been injured by things that are being touted as harmless?

It is my commitment to you to provide Restorative Healing Sacred Rest sessions to those who qualify FREE of charge (and if not, then at a 50% discount). This is my sacred calling. And I would be honored to serve you.

Please, take advantage and take the rest you need and the self-care you deserve!

Contact me directly with your story and to see if you qualify for FREE one hour sessions.



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