Why Trump? A Devas of Creation Card Reading

Last night, I decided to ask my Devas of Creation deck for some insight that might be helpful around the recent inauguration of Donald Trump. I asked three questions, shuffled the deck, and drew three cards. Here’s what resulted:

1st Question
Why is this playing out?

Card drawn: First Light

The First Light card is emergence and the dawning of new worlds. It is a revolution in thought because it helps open our eyes to what is possible; it is the flowering of awareness. Without the opening of first light, there would be no doorway into change, no new vistas to which we can aspire. Trump is certainly a call to what is possible because he has greatly disturbed well-entrenched energies in our government. He has drained the swamp, and now everything in the swamp is swimming around in plain sight. The veils have been lifted. So much is unsettled and many are in fear. But instead of fear, we can choose to see great opportunity. Sometimes it is only with a rude awakening and a crack on the stubborn head that one rises to new challenges.

2nd Question
What will the outcome be in four years time?

Card drawn: Eros

Eros is the Divine Masculine. Do you find it ironic that this card would appear in a reading about Trump? Realize that Trump is showing us contrast here. He is showing us exactly what needs to be healed in the masculine. This card is a reminder to reconnect inside with our inner divine masculine and source of strength. We are light bearers in whatever occupies our time. If we can harness a higher will within ourselves, overcoming our smallness and the fears that hold us back, we can not only manifest and become with more ease, but we will touch more lives as well. What is most important here is to be a representative of Ultimate Truth, to transcend the level of opinion, half-truths, propaganda, etc. If we can abide by the message of Eros, a world-changing healing of the masculine can take place during this presidency. Men and women can take their places as protectors and providers–of each other, our earth, and for our children.

3rd Question
What are the lessons we need to learn in that time?

Card drawn: Seed Void

The Seed Void is an “artery into a different reality”. It is deep space and mystery, what the Toltec would call “nagual”. Think of it as a well or birth canal connecting one dimension to another. It is the unseen aspects and new forces of nature that come into play. Fasten your seat belts, because this energy helps us to question our fear as well as our certainties about right and wrong, about “the other” and about ourselves. With courage, we can dismantle our false sense of self, an evolutionary necessity, and be born into a new level of trust. Indeed, this is a time to turn inward, to take back our projections, and to deal with our own shadow aspects. Those unwilling or unprepared to do the work will have an extremely hard time of it, and their resistance will cause trouble not only for themselves but for others. But if we open up and do the work, we may just find ourselves transported into a world that bears little to no resemblance to the one these others claim to live in. The opportunity to be free of the collective dream is there for those who dare to dream something new.

Peace, Joy, Love

For a long time, the question, “What do you want?” would fill me with angst. I never knew what to answer. I always had a sense that if I did, I would be forever limiting myself and excluding something important. In a way, that was true because my perspective itself was limited to things I wanted to be, achieve, do or have.

Photo by Stuart Davies Used with Permission

Now I realize it never was meant to be a trick question. I just needed a broader perspective.

I’ve been asking myself the “what do you want” question a lot lately. What do I really want? And the answer is so simple, it’s astonishing. I want three things. With these three things, I’m assured a happy life. What are they?


I want to be peaceful. What does that mean? What does peace look like? Firstly, it requires acceptance of what is. I can’t be fighting against reality and wanting things to be other than how they are. I have to learn to be with what is, no matter what. It doesn’t mean I can’t take action to change something, but I have to let go of expectations and outcomes. Secondly, it means I have to cultivate peacefulness inside myself. I cannot afford to harbor ill-will toward another. If I do, I will lose the thing I most want out of life. I have to be willing to choose peace over being right or justified. I have to choose peace over thoughts that would instead bring me disharmony.


I want joy in my life. To be joyful, I have to appreciate life. Luckily, there’s so much to appreciate: color, fresh air, sunlight, flowers, trees, clouds, rain, animals, art… I also have to allow myself to create and be spontaneous. There’s no room for inhibition in joy. Joy is a natural spring that must be allowed to bubble up and express itself. There’s no room for holding back in fear. Joy is exhuberance. It’s playfulness. It’s willingness. Joy opens itself up to life and says, “Yes!” Joy if full of gratitude and generosity. Joy tries new things and isn’t afraid of being a little silly.


I want to live a loving life. I want to be more loving toward not only others but myself. What does that mean? It means I have to be willing to feel all of my feelings. It means I have to respect others for who they are. It means I have to exercise forgiveness on a daily basis. To be move loving, I have to remove all the barriers I’ve built up to love. It means I have to reexamine my beliefs about love. It means I have to be vulnerable and gentle when I want to protect and defend. Love is compassionate and open. There is room for everyone and everything. Love even has room for fear, but love has the wisdom to know that fear has no real power.

This is all I want out of life. With these three things, I have everything. So, it doesn’t matter how they arrive or what they look like. Whatever manifests, and regardless of what doesn’t, I’d have it all.

Claude Chabrol

“I love mirrors. They let one pass through the surface of things.”

~Claude Chabrol

What We Love on Pinterest & Why

Images are powerful. They can change our thought patterns and altar our mood instantly. Why not feast your eyes on images you love every day? Mirror Spiritus maintains a Pinterest profile, and we invite you to join us there. Unlike other social media sites, Pinterest has the visual advantage of accessible beauty and inspiration. It’s so full of colorful eye candy, and you can personalize it!

Some of the boards we at Mirror Spiritus feature on Pinterest are:

Mirrors:  Well, of course! We’ve collected some amazingly beautiful antique and artsy mirrors of all shapes and sizes. They are seriously breathtaking, and man oh man, would we love to sit in mirror meditation in front of some of these babies or have one as the centerpiece on our mirror altar.

The Great Mystery: In case you hadn’t noticed, Mirror Spiritus is very inspired by light in space. So this board features some striking images from Hubble and other sources that leave one’s mouth agape. The Great Mystery isn’t “out there.” Take a peek at these images and remember not only who you are but where you’re returning.

Shisha Embroidery: Dielle recently wrong a blog about Shisha embroidery which is the art/craft of sewing reflective objects into fabrics. You can see some delightful and colorful samples here.

Chandeliers: Mirror Spiritus is all about bringing more light & beauty into the world. Check out these absolutely gorgeous and extravagant chandeliers that do so quite literally. The lines, the colors, the radiance! YUMMMY!

Stuart Davies Landscapes: We are grateful to our first official blog sponsor, Stuart Davies Art, and enjoy showing off his rich and masterful landscapes. Stuart shares Mirror Spiritus’ love of beauty and light. In fact, he spent much of his life seeking out the perfect light by which to paint. He found it in France. Please visit his website and buy something beautiful for yourself.

The Light Sanctuary: Breathtaking art and other images that heal us through our eyes with the light they exude. This board is like a sanctuary, a retreat from a stress-filled day.

So  stop on by and take a look around. If you have a Pinterest profile, follow us there. Thanks!


Walking My Talk

When a colleague asked me to take part in the One Billion Rising event happening across the world on February 14th, 2013, I was moderately intrigued by another activist organization taking on women’s issues. The V-Day event is intended to reveal the collective strength of men and women united to end violence against 1 in every 3 women and girls. “I might get involved in that. It would be good for business,” was my initial thought. To learn more, I perused the V-Day Movement website .What I didn’t know was how my participation would end up taking me somewhere I never thought I’d go.

V-Day awoke something in me. It connected me to my feelings and a place deep inside me I had packaged as healed and best forgotten. I’d cleaned it. I’d put it away. And here it was, staring me in the face again: I was one in every three women.

I had to really consider whether speaking out about my story was the right thing for me. Once it was out there, there would be no going back. It wasn’t something I wanted to be identified with. It was something that happened a long time ago, another lifetime in many ways. I didn’t want to hurt anyone or stir up unnecessary questions or trouble by repeating old stories. Yet something was telling me to do this.

I have no scars as some do. The sexual abuse I experienced as a child and the date rape in college were not physically violent. They were emotionally painful. They stunted my selfhood. They challenged my ability to be physically intimate. I was lucky. Some women suffer unspeakable, horrific violence…things so unimaginably painful.

My experiences contributed to who I am now, but they do not define me. I rarely think about or relive my past as I used to many years ago, and when I do, I am no longer pulled into the pain and confusion of that time and space. In fact, very little emotional charge remains for me today. This is the result of many years spent in personal transformation work.

However, the decision to bring it out publicly awakened me to some of the residual emotions still stored in my psyche…mostly around the shame of others knowing and somehow seeing me differently. How could I be part of One Billion Rising and keep quiet about my own story? I had to face the resistance to admitting this…again…after all this time. Sharing my experience is a part of me walking my talk.

Now is the time for speaking up, and I am ready to embrace what at one time nearly broke me because what nearly broke me is what has given me the compassion, courage, and wisdom to do what I do. Our stories are meant to be triumphant tales and a source of inspiration to both ourselves and others. That is why I’ve chosen to share mine.

I no longer bear hatred or anger towards my abusers. I forgave myself long ago and freed myself of the mental replays that tortured me for years. Though my physical life was never threatened, some would say I am a survivor. Personally, I think survivor is a terrible word! It’s rings with the energy that whatever happened is always with you, haunting you. Instead, I consider myself a phoenix. Something stronger and more beautiful arose out of the flames of my experiences.

I have a voice. I choose to use it to end the insanity in me and my world. Women and girls, men and boys…we all deserve a life free of violence, bloodshed, corruption, and abuse. We all have a right to a peaceful, healthy existence.


Sounds for Ascension

Yesterday, I facilitated Toning for Peace at the beautiful geodesic dome of the Light Center in Black Mountain, NC. It’s my absolutely favorite place to tone. It’s such a beautiful space supported by so many benevolent energies. And the acoustics! Yowza!

There were four of us. Not a big turn out, but as usual, the perfect turn-out to perform the service we were meant to…whether that be service to ourselves, to each other, the Center, or the Earth. Because of the intimate size of the group, two men and two women, I pretty much threw my only somewhat organized original plans out the window…something that seems to be happening more and more in my life. Over and over, life tells me to let go and let God/Spirit/Life. I had my doubts about how it would all come together, but magically, (and of course!) it did.

I still decided to share some of the things I had learned about Edgar Cayce since my last post, when I first learned that he actually recommended a form of toning that he called “chanting”:

Incant [chant] that which carries self deeper, deeper — to the seeing, feeling, experiencing of that image in the creative forces of love. Then, enter into the Holy of Holies [the third eye]. As self feels or experiences the raising of this, see it disseminated through the inner eye (not the carnal eye) to that which will bring the greater understanding in meeting every condition in the experience of the body. Then listen to the music that is made as each center of thine own body responds to that new creative force. Little by little this entering in will enable self to renew all that is necessary, in Him. 281-13

It was really powerful to apply his method of sounding i e o u e i o uhm, first in unison and then flying off at our own pace weaving our voices together. We did this in the center of the dome, standing in cross formation with an amethyst I’d recently been gifted on the floor in the center of the cross. It felt so incredible, so powerful, an opening in time and space.

Afterwards, I shared some of Cayce’s views on meditation. Cayce believed that meditation is listening to God, while prayer is talking. Of meditation, he has said, “MEDITATION is EMPTYING self of all that hinders the creative forces from rising along the natural channels of the physical man to be disseminated through those centers and sources that create the activities of the physical, the mental, the spiritual man; properly done must make one STRONGER mentally, physically, for has it not been given?…” 281-13

Emptying. Emptying of plans, even of intentions. Allowing creative forces to flow through us and out. Yes! Yes! Yes!

We had a gifted musician present, and since the Light Center is equipped with a grand piano (did I mention I LOVE this place?), he channeled some music while we toned. I swear, the combination of piano and voices along with the poetic reminder from Cayce to allow was creating some kind of lifting element. It was as if the room itself was spinning upward toward the sky.

If meditation is listening to God, while prayer is talking, I believe that Toning is a two-way conversation. Realizing this, and following my experience this past Sunday at the Light Center, it is clear to me that Toning for Peace has been evolving for some time. In some ways, I guess I’ve been waiting for the masses to catch up…to know what toning is, to participate in it, to experience its joys and gifts. But there can be no more waiting. The roll for some of us is to just keep walking forward…even if fewer and fewer people follow.

While there will still be a place, and in fact, a need for Toning for Peace circles as they have been…what we can now call T4P 1st Generation, I leave the 1st Generation to those called to it, those still exploring their voices, those who enjoy techniques and more structured gatherings, those more focused on inner healing, holding space for it as I always have. It is a wonderful thing.

But I am now being called to direct more of my energy toward the next generation…a new generation about creating Sounds for Ascension. It’s about showing up without a plan, immersing ourselves in frequency to raise our own and that of the planet, using sound as a vehicle (literally!) from which to reach greater and greater creative and spiritual heights. And I look forward to collaborating with T4P’s team of circle hosts and guest facilitators who may be inspired to co-create this.

At any level, it is, as it always has been for me anyway, about flying.

In closing, I will once more quote Cayce who divined the following prayer:

Let thy prayer, thy meditation, be as this:

Here am I; use me, O God, as Thou seest I have need of that I may know what Thou would have me do! Let my attitude to my fellow man, mine loved ones, mine friends, mine enemies, be such that my life, my expressions of hope and joy and kindness, may reflect His life to others. Keep my tongue, keep my feet, in those ways, in those paths, that lead to the understandings Thou wouldst have me have – now. (770-1)

Benefits of Toning/Singing


  • Increases the body’s anti-stress hormone and antibody levels thereby boosting the immune system.
  • Releases endorphins making you feel energized and uplifted, with no negative side-effects!
  • Helps your breathing giving the lungs a good workout and increasing the body’s oxygen levels.
  • Tones the facial, abdominal and intercostal muscles and the diaphragm and stimulates circulation.
  • Keeps you young!
  • Is a risk-free, economic, easily accessible, and yet powerful road to enhanced physiological and psychological well-being.
  • Reduces pain, relieves stress, and improves sleep.
  • Singing broadens expressive communication and improves voice quality.
  • Adds a rich, more pleasant quality to speech.
  • Grounds us in our bodies.
  • Improves hearing and our ability to listen. Makes it easier to concentrate and learn new things.
  • Combats fatigue, headaches, irritability, reduced mental performance, and depression.