Mantra is a word that means “that which frees the mind”, and Japa (or mantra) yoga […]
Teacher Sadhguru shares the importance of sound, language, and speaking with intent: “Whatever sound you need […]
Vocal Toning Meditation: Level I Foundations
Resources VIDEOS on Toning for Peace History of Toning Toning for Peace Q & A Series […]
We all want to stay healthy and happy all year-long, of course. Here’s a great article […]
Yogi Bhajan, responsible for bringing Kundalini Yoga to the West, taught a very powerful meditation using […]
Are you all feeling the amping of energies lately just as I am? Astrologically, we are […]
About this time of year, many minds turn to the practice of spring cleaning, clearing out […]
As you’ve probably heard, this New Year’s Day is punctuated with helpful astrological forces including a […]
The majority of us spend a lot of time in our minds. Even having spent years […]
Want to have some fun? Check out the Fanfare at May I suggest you do […]
I was inspired after watching the movie Avatar for the second time recently to try something […]
Enjoy these articles on the latest health and wellness benefits of meditation: Meditation & Aging Meditation […]
Friend of Toning for Peace & Healing, Shawn O Hurley, found this gem for revitalizing and […]
One of my favorite quotes of all time is from a philosopher named Herbert Whone who […]
Today’s toning at the Light Center was so yummy! What a great group of people…deep listeners […]
Ready to settle down for the night and want a toning exercise that will quiet the […]
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