The recent Nepal earthquake is a heavy tragedy that will be affecting many lives more years […]
We all want to stay healthy and happy all year-long, of course. Here’s a great article […]
Last month, I had the privilege of taking my mother to the doctor’s office. It was […]
Many sound therapists are skilled musicians and improvisationalists able to bring forth music that is created […]
Tuning forks, similar to those used to tune a piano, are also used as instruments of […]
Drums and rattles are tools used by shamans of cultures all over the world for their […]
The Tibetans¬† are masters at healing with sound. Tibetan bells, ting-shas, the shang, gongs, and other […]
The voice is by far the most versatile and sensitive of all the sound therapy modalities, […]
As our lives become ever more complicated and the world around us continues to change at […]
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