When I tell people I am a yoga teacher, I sometimes hear in response, “Oh, I’ve […]
Over my years of practicing, I’ve been exposed to several different styles of yoga each with […]
There are all kinds of pain. There’s the pain we choose to ignore, even though we […]
I’ll let you in on a most surprising secret. For many years, I stopped going to […]
It was in the year 2000 that I began my first of several shamanic apprenticeships in […]
An INTROVERT in an EXTROVERTED WORLD There were many lessons learned while on Yoga Teacher Training […]
We Never Have All the Information One learns a lot of things at Yoga Teacher Training […]
Our Insubstantial Nature This October, I spent a month in Ibiza, Spain doing something I’ve thought […]
Every time I turn around, it seems one more person has become a yoga convert, registered […]
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