Mirrors have a historical starring role in magic shows. Illusionists use them to create their spellbinding, […]
I’d never seen or heard of a Chinese magic mirror, not until investigating the use of […]
The French king, Louie the XIV unveiled for us the immensely beautiful Hall of Mirrors (also […]
Many of us know that if we break a mirror, it is considered to be 7 […]
“He said, ‘I am the Smokey Mirror, because I am looking at myself in all of […]
There is an art to using Mirrors in Feng Shui and for good reason. They reflect […]
The ways in which mirrors have been used throughout the centuries are fascinating. Surely, their importance […]
Did you know? Shisha embroidery is the craft of sewing tiny mirroring objects to fabric. It […]
When we look into the mirror during mirror meditation, what do we see? Spiritual teacher, Mooji, […]
“Color and light are the strongest elicitors of beauty.” I love how I met artist and […]
There are some seriously beautiful installations out there that feature mirrors. Check out these “mindmelting” amazing […]
Ever wish you could just look into a crystal ball and see into your future? Would […]
This is an introductory mirror meditation suitable for all levels. It draws upon the practice of […]
Rumi & the Mirror Contemplate these beautiful quotes from Sufi poet, Rumi, during your mirror meditations. […]
Mirrors frequently appear in poetry. Here is a selection of poems featuring the mirror that seem […]
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