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To meet the ever-changing demands of the world in which we live, my current focus is in working 1:1  with clients in the area of a more healing and restorative approach to yoga with more gentle and passive postures, meditation, and energy work for your deep rest and a space to heal.

Sessions will be unique to each client’s needs, desires, and readiness and draw from the techniques and practices honed on my own healing journey now spanning over 30 years.

But this is YOUR journey. I put myself at your disposal to help you investigate and navigate the energies of life. The following influences give you some idea of the kinds of tools we can explore together, but you remain sovereign in designing your journey:



Sound Healing
Energy Healing


Somatic Yoga
Kundalini Yoga
Yoga Nidra


Vision Boarding
Mirror Work
Sound Healing


Life Coaching
Guided Meditations
Toltec Wisdom (The Four Agreements, etc.)
The Gene Keys


Reiki, Reiki Tummo/Open Heart, and Aka Dua Energy Healing
Open Heart Practices
Yungdrung Bon Buddhism
Multidimensional Protectors & Guides

My fee is 1.13 EUR per minute, so you can choose the length of your session according to you budget.

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DISCLAIMER: Dielle Ciesco is not a Medical Doctor or Psychiatrist and does not diagnose or treat medical, mental or emotional conditions. One should always seek appropriate help from a Licensed Physician, Psychiatrist or Counselor for diagnosis and treatment as the services provided are not meant to replace appropriate professional medical or psychiatric advice or care. Personal choices and/or actions based on the content of your session or service are solely your responsibility. If you are currently in crisis, it is recommended that you seek appropriate professionals to assist you, as D‪ielle Ciesco is not responsible for your emotional, mental or physical state of being. By booking a session,  you agree to these terms. These services are meant to support your overall well-being only and are not a substitute for professional help from a doctor or other licensed professional. YOU agree to take full responsibility for your own choices and always consult a professional for any conditions, health concerns, or mental and emotional issues you may be experiencing.