“He who looks in the mirror of the water, first sees his own image. He who […]
In my last post about the Aka Dua, I said I would write this time about […]
So here’s Part II of my Aka Dua practice digest. I didn’t talk much about the […]
I recently heard that the energies we’ll be dealing with in this coming month (Feb. of […]
This is an oil painting on MDF (medium-density fibreboard) rather than canvas. With several coats of […]
My latest abstract is titled K’uychi which is Quechuan for rainbow. Quechuan was the language of […]
I was surprised recently to discover my favorite symbolist was on exhibit at the Bordeaux Galerie des […]
Late last year, in meditation, an unfamiliar word came to me. It sounded something like wakatewa. […]
Today, I received my Level 1 Transmission of the Aka Dua energy of the Toltec. I’m […]
As author Paolo Coelho writes, “If you’re afraid — don’t do it; if you decide to […]
Teacher Sadhguru shares the importance of sound, language, and speaking with intent: “Whatever sound you need […]
Last night, I decided to ask my Devas of Creation deck for some insight that might […]
Here I offer short and sweet soundbites that I’ve gleaned on my path, learned from clients, […]
Most people are familiar or have at least heard of Tarot cards. In fact, they’ve had […]
What’s the difference between a resume, a bio, and an artist statement? Basically, your resume is […]
I recently had an acquaintance on Facebook ask whether her followers made New Year’s #resolutions and […]
Throughout history, everything that lives has undergone evolutionary change over time and what have appeared to […]
For a long time, the question, “What do you want?” would fill me with angst. I […]
I’ve been on a quest since the beginning to aptly name my work. I’m still searching […]
I had a dream not that long ago. I was with a group of children rolling […]
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