I confess. I am a dessert addict. After I eat lunch or dinner, I always have […]
I have confessed to my sweet tooth before. Because it can become a real problem if […]
Nom, nom nom. Nothing like food you can really sink your teeth into to satisfy. My […]
Call me crazy, but I get very excited over color. Vibrant colors in my environment makes […]
One of my favorite restaurants in Asheville where I used to live was raw. I considered […]
All of life is movement. The moment we’re born we’re wriggling, pandiculating, breathing, and finding our […]
The word “guru” gets a really bad rap these days, and for good reason. There are […]
Yoga is often believed to be about some ideal end point. Many students will strive to […]
An ever-increasing awareness of your body can be one of the many benefits of yoga. It […]
Ever beaten up a pillow? Ever driven to an empty parking lot and screamed your head […]
If you are new to the world of yoga and are thinking about or have just […]
I admit it. I’ve never been known for my patience. I’ve always been the person passing […]
Meditation is wildly popular and its benefits repeatedly proven by science. There are groups of meditators […]
We live in a culture that is constantly telling us what is wrong with us. We […]
Some say science is outpacing our ability to know what to do with it. Just look […]
When I tell people I am a yoga teacher, I sometimes hear in response, “Oh, I’ve […]
Over my years of practicing, I’ve been exposed to several different styles of yoga each with […]
There are all kinds of pain. There’s the pain we choose to ignore, even though we […]
I’ll let you in on a most surprising secret. For many years, I stopped going to […]
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