“Poetry is a mirror which makes beautiful that which is distorted.” Percy Shelley
There is an art to using Mirrors in Feng Shui and for good reason. They reflect […]
Images are powerful. They can change our thought patterns and altar our mood instantly. Why not […]
The ways in which mirrors have been used throughout the centuries are fascinating. Surely, their importance […]
“A mind now clouded by the illusions of the innate darkness of life is like a […]
WARNING: Do not read if you are easily offended. I had a rather interesting encounter on […]
Full Spectrum Intelligence by Chris Thomson Full Spectrum Intelligence: A Practical Course on Behaving Wisely and […]
Did you know? Shisha embroidery is the craft of sewing tiny mirroring objects to fabric. It […]
When we look into the mirror during mirror meditation, what do we see? Spiritual teacher, Mooji, […]
  Mirror Spiritus likes to bring great works of writing to readers. So from time to […]
“Color and light are the strongest elicitors of beauty.” I love how I met artist and […]
We all want to stay healthy and happy all year-long, of course. Here’s a great article […]
There are some seriously beautiful installations out there that feature mirrors. Check out these “mindmelting” amazing […]
Ever wish you could just look into a crystal ball and see into your future? Would […]
“Some will not recognize the truthfulness of my mirror. Let them remember that I am not […]
“Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror.” Byron Katie
This is an introductory mirror meditation suitable for all levels. It draws upon the practice of […]
Rumi & the Mirror Contemplate these beautiful quotes from Sufi poet, Rumi, during your mirror meditations. […]
Mirrors frequently appear in poetry. Here is a selection of poems featuring the mirror that seem […]
Last year around this time, I went to Oaxaca & Teotihuacan, Mexico with a group of […]
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