Why Divine Metime? Names are important. They carry energy and set a direction. They solidify intent. […]
How do I know if Open Source Energy Healing is flowing through me and working? We’re […]
Do you qualify for free sessions? Are you facing the threat of unpaid unemployment for your […]
I’ve written about the power in a name on numerous occasions and in my book, The […]
I have been feeling so inspired by the times in which we’re living. Okay, yeah, some […]
Some Basic Yoga Terms If you are new to yoga, you might not be familiar with […]
After completing my 200-hour yoga teacher training, I did what any new professional would do. I […]
I’ve been writing about path and purpose—how we can never really be off path or without […]
This morning, while purusing one of my favorite Facebook groups, I encountered one of those very […]
In my last post, I wrote about the fear-based idea that a person can ever be […]
I peruse a lot of social media groups that cater to what I guess I’d call […]
This summer was a real challenge for me. I had a pinched nerve in my neck […]
Sometimes, the most simple things in yoga never get explained or are explained incompletely by those […]
In my last two posts, I wrote about how a recent injury has made me more […]
In my last post, I wrote about how a recent injury and subsequent discovery of health […]
When you picture your own heart or that of someone else, what do you envision? Do […]
You may be familiar with the term “wounded healer”. The idea is that one has to […]
Since January of this year, I have been taking Raja Yoga courses with Ananda.org in preparation […]
In my books, The Unknown Mother and Your True Voice, there are three chapters dealing specifically […]
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