Welcome to Absolute Beginners Yoga. You may indeed be a beginner and completely new to yoga or you may have already started a yoga practice but want to deepen your understanding of some of the misunderstoood basics and often-missed principles that this course was designed to address for your success. Take it at your own pace and in your own order, but take your time to really explore what is presented in your unique body. This project is currently on hold.

Beginners: 3 Things You Need to Know

If you are new to the world of yoga and are thinking about or have just started a new practice, here are three crucial things to keep in mind and on track. Continue reading…

There’s Nothing Wrong with Your Body

We live in a culture that is constantly telling us what is wrong with us. We need some new products or have to do something differently because we’re not pretty enough, young enough, rich enough, successful enough, or living enough. So many of our choices are made to prove something, either to others or to ourselves. Continue reading…

Listening to the Body: The Language of Sensation

An ever-increasing awareness of your body can be one of the many benefits of yoga. It helps us to bring balance to the body by working neglected muscle groups. It improves our overall strength and flexibility. It helps us develop a better lung capacity and focus of mind, among other things. It can. Continue reading…

Eight Limbs Intro


After watching this sitting video, please spend time exploring variations of sitting on your own. Discover how long you are comfortable in each position and note any props that you find useful. You may even find the wall helpful if you have a hard time keeping your back straight. I forgot to mention in the video but be sure not to lock your knees in Staff Pose.


Planes of Movement

Back Body, Front Body, Side Body

Getting Up and Down

Long Deep Breathing

Pose Types – Yogic Postures

Proprio and Interoception

Spinal Awareness

Cat Cow

Seated Twists

Forward Folds

Child’s Pose


Pain Language

Connective Tissue & Bones

Bone Tapping

Neutral Pelvis



Alternate Nostril Breathing

Core Work & the Psoas

Table Top

Crouching Cat

Down Dog

Tree Pose

Sitali Breath

Mindfulness, Concentration and Meditation

Yamas & Niyamas

Warrior Poses

Goddess Pose

Breath of Fire

Types of Yoga

Cellular Breathing


Cresent Lunge

Supine Spinal Twist

Putting It Altogether