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10 Gates School of Sound

10 GatesWelcome to the 10 Gates School of Sound.

Each of the 10 Gates offers an opening into the healing power of your very own voice! It’s a self-illumination process to align your point of view with that of your divine self.

Announcing a brand new program exclusive for Patreon Patrons! The Power of Your Own True Voice (POV) journey through the 10 Gates of Sound is now being rolled out.

For as little as 5€ a month (for a limited time), you’ll have exclusive access to downloadable recordings, videos, handouts, and more as they are rolled out. Plus, you’ll be contributing your energy to the completion of this project so that others may benefit from the exceleration your slipstream of participation provides. Now that’s some good karma! Find out more at the Patreon page and get immediate access to a collection of MP3’s and videos right now.

Not ready to participate in the launch of this program? Help yourself to the following free resources instead…

1st Gate: The Vocal Channel

2nd Gate: Breath

3rd Gate: Letters

4th Gate: Words

5th Gate: Storytelling

6th Gate: Listening

7th Gate: Vibration

8th Gate: Vocal Toning

9th Gate: True Voice

10 Gate: Rainbow Light

Beyond the Gates: Silence

And we have recorded interviews with forward-thinking luminaries for you on Impeccably Speaking Radio.