It’s A Way of Life

Life has changed. There’s no question. And it’s changed in so many ways. It’s more important than ever to find ways to stay not only in balance, but to develop a helpful perspective.

A TRANQUIL LIFE is one that recognizes that behind the dizzying show of life’s ups and downs is a deep stillness. Beneath the surface of life’s agitations and challenges, there is a bottomless pool of deep calm. Deep inside each of us, there is a repository of quiet delight and peace. It’s always there.

All the tools are here for you to discover, practice and make your own.
Join me on this wonderful, mysterious, sometimes challenging but always fascinating journey and discover the resilience of your bright, eternal self.

By the way, for anyone who relied upon their weeky yoga class to maintain health, well-being and social connection, we’re feeling a big loss. But its also an opportunity. Announcing the Tranquil Living Tribe, Not just a yoga membership site, it’s a family of people who value mind/body/spirit science wanting to connect and support each other in accessing their intuitive wisdom in all areas of life. Join the safe circle of witnesses rooting for one another, trusting in the inner wisdom we each carry by virtue of our own first-hand experience, sharing opinions with integrity and advice only when solicited, respecting and allowing each to deeply feel and think for one’s self.

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