Online and in-studio yoga classes, both group and private, for embodiment and self-empowerment. Somatic, hatha, restorative, yin, and kundalini inspired.


Learn more about the benefits of finding a meditation practice that works for you. Dielle offers instruction in unique sound and mirror meditation practices.


Discover the Transformational power of breath, voicework, vocal toning, and mantra practices and instruction. Sign up for free MP3’s.

Trained in the wisdom of several mystery schools and The Gene Keys, Dielle is available to talk to when you need a little help getting out of the stuck places. You are the healer. I’m just the mirror.

Tranquil Living Tribe Membership Levels

Choose your level of interset. Pay for what you use.

Monthly Pass

Get full access to the Tranquil Living Tribe. All videos and mp3’s in the growing collection, all courses including Chair Yoga for Self-Healing and Sounds Like Life. Sensemakers calls. Class discounts and more!

Chair Yoga for Self-Healing

Featuring over 120 minutes of teacher-tested and approved chair yoga instruction delivered in 22 videos plus 5 breath and meditation practices and helpful texts. It even includes a free one to one session to help you modify or improve your self practice.

Sounds Like Life

Sounds Like Life will set the groundwork for your studies in sound. It includes over 50 elements — pdfs, mp3’s, videos, meditations, breath practices and awareness builders to launch your journey into the mysteries of vibration. It covers: The Vocal Channel Breath Is Life ABC Frequency The Power of Words The Art of Telling Stories Deep Listening

The Gene Keys

Similar to an astrological birth chart but a much wider labyrinth of wisdom, your Gene Keys profile provides an in-depth contemplative sequence of lenses through which to view your past, present and future to come fully into the potential of your Now. Receive your Gene Keys profile and consultation for FREE.

About Dielle

How We Practice

I believe that yoga should be practiced with a sense of lightness, curiosity and patience. It isn’t about pushing, pulling and shaping the body to conform. Rather, it is an ever-unfolding, ongoing practice of relating to and with oursevles that supports us and carries us into natural flow, bringing enjoyment and liberation to the body and mind. For me, that’s what yoga is all about. It’s my privilege to help others to become fascinated with mindful movement and the unique, amazing bodies we each inhabit and to discover all that yoga has to offer…not just asana.

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More Tools for Tranquil Living

The Unknown Mother and Your True Voice, two books that illuminate the power of the voice and sound to lead us to deeper tranquility

Lots of free yoga workouts, meditations, and playlists to inspire your Tranquil Living.

Abstract art adorns the studio here in Brossac. Check out Dielle’s color-saturated abstract art.

Client Testimonials

“I found Dielle’s workshop to be effective, powerful, and transformative. She is well trained, highly intuitive and has a palpable “shamanic” strength backing her up. I was surprised – and grateful. Besides that she’s fun! and down to earth. I recommend highly.”

Marston B.

Asheville, NC  USA

I am really loving my Monday morning Yoga Fusion sessions with Dielle. The sessions are really professional, well planned and enjoyable. The exercises are mindful, slowly stretching muscles and moving joints and energy, and as I have a lot of arthritis and stiffness in my muscles and joints this really works well for me. I leave feeling deeply relaxed in mind, body and spirit!

Liz B.

Chillac, FR

En quelques séances, Dielle Ciesco m’a fait découvrir des aspects inconnus de ma voix, que je pensais pourtat bien connaitre, en tant que chanteur professionnel. J’ai pu y entendre des murmures, des plaintes, des cris déchirants, proférés par des ancêtres dont le nom a été oublié. Et puis des harmonies douces et des louanges que je ne me connaissais pas.

In a couple of sessions, Dielle Ciesco made me discover unknown aspects of my voice, which I thought I perfectly knew, being a professional singer. I could hear in it whispers, moans and groans, and heart rending screams coming from ancestors whose names remain in oblivion. And also sweet harmonies and praising songs I did not know I knew.

Zedvan T.

Chatignac, FR

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