Welcome to the Lab!

INdividualized, INquisitive, INtegrated, INtelligent, INspirational, INteriorizing, INnovative! That’s yoga at the INtuitive Yoga Lab. Dive IN!

INtuitive Yoga Lab is about giving you and your body temple safety as well as time and space to experiment, explore and discover your body and its greater connection to mind and spirit. Classes at the lab might be unlike any yoga class you’ve ever taken! Together we focus on facilitating the discovery of personalized movement to develop your inner authority and body-honoring intuition. Classes are playful. accessible to various levels and needs, and focus on all the good stuff yoga has to offer:

Pranayama       Mind/Body Energy Flow        Concentration       Self-Healing

Somatic pandiculation       Developmental and natural movement

Proprio and Interoceptive Training       Traditional Asana

Meditation       Voicework & Sound       Restorative Yoga       Yoga Theory

I’m excited to announce a new online program!

Chair Yoga for Self-Healing on Teachable

Now you can buy an affordable and fully customizable Chair Yoga for Self Healing course with me on Teachable featuring over 120 minutes of yoga instruction including 22 videos, 5 breath and meditation practices, and informational texts. Mix and fix the perfect workout for you that day. You’ll have lifetime access and a full 7-day satisfaction guarantee!

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