Pearls lie not on the seashore. If thou desirest one,  thou must dive for it.         ~Chinese Proverb


Let’s face it. Life is not without its frictions. And somewhere deep within you, life’s irritations have been shaping a luminous, beautiful pearl. To find that treasure, we have to shift our focus from “out there” to “in here”. If we live life in shallow waters, it may seem a lot easier short-term but it doesn’t yield much reward in the long run; something will always feel missing, and life will be unsatisfying. Don’t put off the dive! Join me and we’ll plumb the depths together with tools and practices to enjoy the journey and make it magical!
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The Unknown Mother by Dielle Ciesco ISBN: 9781780996318
Your True Voice by Dielle Ciesco ISBN: 9781782795582

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“Highly recommended for anyone interested in Sound Healing, singing, vocal work.”  Amazon Review

“As soon as I finished reading my copy, I purchased five more to gift to friends!” Amazon Review

 “I love this book, it takes me through so many journeys in my mind and consciousness, asking me to step deeper into Self.” Amazon Review

“…a divinely inspired manual for discovering and freeing your true voice.Amazon Review

“With each gate, I found more and more freedom and power. This book is now part of my daily meditation practice.” Amazon Review


Original Abstract/Expressionist Oil & Mixed Media Paintings & Prints

I adore color!!! If you know about my work with the voice or have read The Unknown Mother, you know why. A life drenched in color represents our full creative potential and the ability to work with the full spectrum of frequencies. As an abstractionist working in oils, in love with the quest to express the inexpressible, I aspire to create art that uplifts and reconnects us with our deeply mysterious origins.

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