Fusion Yoga with Dielle

Over my years of practicing yoga, I’ve been exposed to several different styles. I have found the following four to be my “perfect combination”:

Hatha – what people generally think of when they think of yoga. Hatha focuses on a sequence of poses, each held for a period of time while focusing on the breath.

Kundalini – prescriptive yoga that targets mental, emotional and physical needs. It is energizing, brightening, and works via the breath and body’s energy channels.

Yin – long-held resting poses to target deep tissues, ligaments, joints, and fascia. A great way to relieve long-held tension and improve flexibility.

Somatics  – a mindful approach to movement to increase body awareness and intelligence. It takes the stress and strain out of “exercise” and facilitates deep internal release.

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Weekly Yoga Classes
1 to 1 Privates
Gite & Retreat On-Call


Home base is in Brossac (16480)

Southern Charentes, Northern Dordogne, Southwest Maritime, Upper West Gironde


For now,  classes will be taught in English, but non-English speakers are welcome to attend. Language needn’t be a barrier when it comes to movement.

My yoga is a fusion of styles that draws heavily upon hatha yoga, kundalini kriyas, yin,  and somatics (body awareness). My approach is one of gentle unfolding and exploratory self-discovery. The pose is not the thing; the journey there is the thing. Pranayama and meditation are given due attention. I also incorporate mudras, mantras and toning, elements of dance, chi gong, and tensegrity as inspired.

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