About Dielle

From the time I was able, I was a dancer. I took ballet, jazz, and modern dance and eventually entered college with the intention of studying dance. A detour had me working professionally in entertainment, only to be injured. I began learning yoga (BKS Iyengar) in the 1990’s. It helped me recover from neck and back problems and what had been diagnosed as “fibromyalgia”. I never really stopped doing yoga since, though it wasn’t at that time a daily practice.

At this time, I also entered my first of several Toltec shamanic apprenticeships. I spent the next 12 years learning how to heal myself and others, had the fortune to travel to magical and sacred places, studied sound healing, received many initiations (including Ngondro andPeruvian Shamanism) and out of this, developed Toning for Peace and Vocal Toning Meditation and Transformational Voicework, writing two books on the topic, The Unknown Mother: A magical Walk with the Goddess of Sound and Your True Voice: Tools to Embrace A Fully Expressed Life. I began to share Mirror Meditation too.

I also have received the following activations:
Aka Dua Levels 1 & 2
Reiki Levels 1 & 2
Open Heart Levels 1 & 2
Reiki Tummo Levels 1, 2, 2a

It wasn’t until 2007 when I watched a kundalini yoga workout video of a friend that I broke down crying while in frog pose. I had rediscovered something precious to my soul, and the tears were tears of profound joy. Though I have taken yoga classes throughout this time, I was by and large self-taught and preferred to practice at home rather than in a studio.  I simply couldn’t listen to my body while someone else was telling me what to do and how to do it. I wanted to be free to take my time, too, staying in a pose as long as felt right.

Anyway, ever since discovering kundalini yoga, I’ve been practicing almost daily ever since. That’s about 10 years of dedication. Since then, I’ve also integrated other movement styles such as Tensegrity, Five Rhythms, Chi Gong, Yin Yoga, and Somatic Yoga. While I made the mistake many people make in thinking the practice of yoga is a purely physical experience, I eventually came to understand that, in fact, all my practices, from mirror meditation to vocal toning,  are part of my yoga too.

So I finally decided to become a yoga teacher!  It is the natural progression of my practice to share what has kept me sane and alive throughout my life. As I am a teacher by nature, having earned a Masters in Education way before I ever discovered yoga, it seemed practical for me to pursue this course. I enjoy teaching, but I grew out of love with basic academia a long time ago, preferring the role of facilitator to others’ self discoveries.

To learn more about the most influential teachers with whom I have worked, please read “Tribute to My Lineage“.

I’ve been blessed to work with some very special musicians and am a featured improvisational vocalist on the TLC series with Visionary Music, creators of DNA Activation music, as well as on the Bliss of Being with Richard Shulman and the Pure Heart Ensemble.

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