Transformational Voicework

Release. Express. Transform. Transcend. Create!

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TRANSFORMATIONAL VOICEWORK is a powerful, wholistic method of healing with an emphasis on the voice as a tool for self-awareness, mindfulness, and release.Pinwheel2 It is lightly introduced in the book, The Unknown Mother, and explained in depth in Your True Voice.

Depending on your individual needs and desires, we work together along the continuum of voice play, vocal toning meditation, and shamanic voicework. It is an intuitive symbiosis, a magic that unfolds through intent and masterful use of the tools: breath, movement, and voice.

“It was amazing, powerful, and completely life enhancing. I have great respect and deep appreciation for the healing work that Dielle offers.”

Sessions can help you:

  • Deepen your meditative states
  • Relieve physical and emotional pain
  • Maintain harmony with others
  • Stir your creative juices
  • Express with clarity & confidence
  • Release emotion, tension, anxiety, and stress
  • Cultivate playfulness

“Dielle is clear and compassionate, but most of all fully present. Her calm and genuine teaching style makes it comfortable to open up.”

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You may schedule by contacting me directly. Payments of 40 euros are invoiced via Paypal and due before each session. Sessions are typically one hour but in some cases may run up to 1.5 hours.

It would be an honor for me to work with you. If you feel you would benefit from my services, I encourage you to follow your heart, take the leap and contact me:

  • To request a session or consultation, in the US, you may call 571-494-1967 or use the contact application. All others, please use the contact application.
  • Skype: Triumphantdreamer
    (If you request “contact” status on Skype, please send me a message so I know who is requesting and why. Otherwise, I’m likely to ignore the request. Thank you!)