Meditation Facilitation

Check out the events page. I hold regular meditation groups in and around Brossac, France.

There is now overwhelming research on the benefits of regular meditation including mental clarity, emotional well-being, and improved health. There are so many different ways to meditate and just as many misconceptions about what meditation is and isn’t. Find what works for you and enjoy the energetic support of others. Over time, we’ll cover lots of different traditions and techniques. Don’t worry; sitting like a pretzel is optional!

Your well-being is important and impacts not just you and those close to you, but the world around you. This in turn impacts your well-being. I want to share the tools and techniques I’ve learned to help you break negative cycles, manage stress, find meaning, and develop and meddeepen your connection to life. I take a multi-faceted approach with one to one clients:

I offer a unique combination of energy- and voice-centered and traditional relaxation therapies that can help with things like PTSD, PMDD, emotional trauma, chronic pain, change of life, stress, low energy or anxiety. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), guided meditations and visualizations, Reiki, Toltec Wisdom (The Four Agreements, etc.), sound healing– each of these can quiet an anxious and turbulent mind and provide time and space for the body’s natural healing process to occur.

Email me for inquiries and consultations or to be added to my event mailing list. 15 min. consultations by phone or Skype are available at no charge. My rates are very reasonable. Private sessions are 20€ per 1/2 hour and 35€ for 1 hour. I can travel to you in some instances. I charge a 5€ travel fee for every 15 minutes over the first 1/2 hour-round trip. This is because time spent traveling is time not working in addition to auto wear and tear.

I am also available to facilitate well-being workshops at retreat centers and gîtes and can be hired to work with your clientele or guests as well. Are you a practitioner/workshop facilitator? I love collaborating with kindred spirits!

For a list of events, please check out the events page which lists ongoing meditations, workshops, etc.