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January 13 Sound Healing Meditation 10am -11.15am presented as part of Zen Yoga with Sophie Hanson at the Brossac Clubhouse

Zen Yoga is the practice of yoga in a mindful manner. Practicing yoga can benefit those who wish to improve their physical body and also find inner peace in a busy world. Beginners are welcome along with experienced yogis .
Mats and equipment provided.10€ a class or 40€ for 5 classes. For further information contact Sophie Hanson, Zen Yoga teacher  (33) 0516388551

MBS TalksFridays at the Perroquet Vert in Chalais, France at 2PM
a series of free monthly introductory and informative talks on various mind/body/spirit topics including:

Feb 10: The Healing Power of Sound

The late psychic Edgar Cayce is quoted as having said, “Sound will be the medicine of the future.” That future has arrived. Are you aware just how vibration is impacting your life in every moment? Learn how to use music to improve your mental, emotional and even physical health. Use sound as a meditative practice and learn vocal toning techniques for combating stress, pain, and other conditions while elevating your body’s oxygen levels, mood, and mental performance. Suitable for everyone!

Mar 10: Emotional Freedom Technique

Are you or is someone you love struggling with stress or emotional challenges? Come learn a simple but helpful technique for discharging that stress and those difficult emotions from the body via meridian tapping. Emotional Freedom Technique (or EFT) is an intervention that draws on acupressure, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine, and mindset. This is a wonderful tool for people of all ages to have at the ready to take control over those states that can otherwise feel overwhelming.

Apr 7: Liberating the Healing Voice

Your very own voice is one of the most powerful healing tools at your disposal. If you feel vocally inhibited whether in public speaking, being able to sing, or speaking your truth in conflict, or you have issues with your thyroid or throat, this information is for you. We’ll talk about how and why the voice gets shut down and what you can do to liberate it. Warning: Side-effects to voicework may include living more joyfully, spontaneously breaking out in song, speaking up for yourself, and feeling more strength and courage in daily life.

May 6: Expressive Voice Workshop
Saturday 10 – 1PM followed by optional potluck lunch.

Registration required for this introduction to Transformational Voicework. Experience the power of the voice to break up and shift stagnation and release the things that weigh you down in body, mind and spirit. We’ll be using breath, movement, and our voices to cleanse the chakra system, become better listeners, and tune in and connect with of ourselves on some very subtle but powerful levels. Space is limited. 15-20 euros as desired.

May 12: Toltec Wisdom & the Four Agreements: Being Impeccable with Your Word

In the bestselling book, The Four Agreements, Toltec master don Miguel Ruiz outlines four simple agreements that can transform your life. He states that any one of them can lead a human being to liberation. Perhaps the most powerful of these agreements is to be impeccable with your word. What does that mean? How does one live it? What difference does it make? This month’s talk will be about this most important agreement and how to make it the practice of a lifetime in order to live with more integrity, authenticity, and personal freedom.

June 09: Protecting Yourself from Negative Vibes & People

Our bodies are energetic systems that are deeply impacted by the people and places that surround us. This month, learn how to protect yourself from “energy vampires” and personalities that want to bring and keep you down. We’ll discuss methods that ancient cultures have used for aeons including the use of  smudging/incense, limpia (or cleansing), meditation, ice, salt, mantra, crystals/amulets, and sound to clear ourselves and our environments of stale, stagnant energies in order to keep our vibe high.

Future Topics when Free MBS Talks Return this Fall:
The Chakras
Working with the Elements