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The Real Secret: You’ve got to show up for yourself because happiness is found inside.
I’m not a saleswoman, nor do I want to be; I have no latest gadgets to tell you you can’t live without (though I could). The truth is, it’s all just entertainment. Anything fulfilling in any lasting way won’t be found in a bottle, can, box or book. I don’t even want to try and ‘sell’ you because you already possess what you are seeking but don’t even realize it–I just want to help you uncover it. I’m not here to convince you to part with anything but your mistaken ideas of yourself. But I’m not a guru either; the answers are yours to find. I’m simply a mirror. And I want to reflect everything you are…in all its darkness and all its glory…so that you can truly and fully bloom.


CherDielle  TLCsmall Sound Bath at the Light Center

The world is changing, ready or not. Are you ready?

With my combination of tools including sonic Reiki, traditional energetic cleansing (limpia), voicework including voice play, vocal toning meditation and shamanic voicework(each with their own gifts), traditional and mirror meditations, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing newfound courage and freedom to express yourself in all areas of life free from the weight of past blocks, wounds, fears, and limitations.

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