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Find your true voice with two special books written expressly to help you unblock your authentic expression. Your True Voice High ResTap into your inner healer and receive energetic support to transform your body, mind and spirit.

Book Cover-adExperience powerful and unique meditative and vibrational healing sessions that include Transformational Voicework and Vocal Toning Meditation.

Discover improvisational vocals and music to help you meditate, unwind, and hear the whisperings of your soul.

Unlock your throat center and start sharing your message with the world.

Explore vibrational art, inspirational interviews and writings:

Impeccably Speaking Radio-Inspirational interviews with leading-edge visionaries and artists.

Vibrational Mandalas-Visit Dielle’s Fine Art America profile to view and order prints of her medicine art.

“With a combination of inspiration, encouragement, and genuine interest, Dielle has helped me to take concrete action–intellectual, emotional, and physical–towards my dreams. But this is more than just reaching a desired result; it’s about movement toward genuineness–movement not just forward but outward in all directions.”
Jim B., Asheville, NC

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